LEGO Worst To First | ALL LEGO Star Wars BATTLE PACKS!

Battle Packs were first introduce to the LEGO Star Wars line in 2007 and since then there have been 33 LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs produced! LEGO has exerimented with many different types of battle packs ranging from pitting troops of different factions agains each other like 75000 Clone Troopers VS Droideka’s to having one-of-a kind Star Wars characters in battle packs like 75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack and 75206 Jedi and Clone Troopers Battle Pack! But one type of Battle Pack has remained the fan favorite from the start and these typically contain 4 troops from the same faction such as the legendary 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack, more recent 75165 Imperial Death Troopers Battle Pack, or even the first Clone Battle Pack ever (7655)!

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  1. The 212th trooper battle pack blew me away because it was never something I thought Legos would do. But the new storm trooper battle pack with death troopers is moist af.

  2. Best: Anything with Clones Phase 1 and 2, classic rebels, and Jedi Packs
    Worst: Any set with those dumb stud shooter blasters, pls stop and go back to regular blasters, GI Brick is taking all my money instead of Lego

  3. I think lego should stop using those damn stud shooters i think the old blasters like they are used in normal sets should be used again in battlepacks

  4. I love battle packs, they’re a great army builder, in fact, I think you should be able to buy figures individually
    And wow, you read my mind
    Also, my favourite bop was the stormtrooper troop carrier, as it’s one of the best army builders

  5. Man number 8 was the best
    I had one awhile ago and it is one of the few LEGO sets from my childhood that I remember well I had a blast with it
    I had number 1 as well and I can’t say it was as memorable it was still good

  6. I really dislike the stud shooters they ruin the fun of your imagination on how they work and it’s less customisable and they don’t look good

  7. I’d say #1 was a good choice, but I think the Senate Commando Troopers Battle Pack should be higher on the list. I ALWAYS regret not getting 2 or 3 of them, and oddly enough… I actually really like the turret🤗

  8. My favorite is the rebel troopers battle pack and my least favorite is the kashyyk troopers battle pack

  9. There actually is a lot of IG-88 assassin droids in the star wars universe. Theres an entire factory and storage warehouse dedicated to creating and storing the droids.

  10. Nothing worse than Lego ruining a good storm trooper battle pack with boring commanders and engineers. The original blue storm trooper drop ship is still my absolute favorite

  11. Battle packs are to build an army so That’s why most of the time I prefer the older battle packs

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