March 2018 Star Wars News Roundup

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  1. Honestly, I don't know how you read the comments when you DO need to. It's ridiculous and pathetic what people are saying. I'm starting to wonder if they aren't Soviet troll bots to get us fighting among ourselves about stuff like this even.

  2. Ever consider covering SWTOR news? It is getting a new expansion sometime this year (hopefully) and it is the only piece of old legends content that is still around, and people still play it despite all the "game is dead" stuff you see around.

  3. I have a question hopefully someone can clear up for me on this topic. I love Star Wars, and I know a lot about it (for the most part) but this has always left me uneasy on the reveal of Rey's lineage in TLJ. Doesn't Kylo mention that when they touched hands in their force mind connections, that is when he saw that Rey's parents were no ones? If that's true, doesn't Snoke go on later to admit that he bridged their minds? Doesn't that mean that Kylo only saw what Snoke put in his mind? If Kylo had admitted this to Rey in the presence of Snoke while he was still alive, this would leave Rey in a very vulnerable spot, easily to be manipulated by Snoke to join the Dark Side. Then again, Rey goes on to say to Luke (I think) that she still saw light left in Ben when they touched hands, and that is why she went to him. If Snoke was responsible for their mental connection though, I find it very unlikely that these weren't visions he was controlling. And Snoke wanted Rey, and because of this vision he put in her mind, he got her to him. He was planning on killing her if she didn't join them, and he thought that's what was happening up until the very last moment when Kylo betrayed Snoke. I believe that both of these statements are false in TLJ because Snoke was responsible for bridging their minds. This doesn't mean that Rey's parents aren't no one, and that their isn't light still in Ben, but I just don't think there is any proof if Snoke was bridging their minds. Any thoughts?

  4. It's really annoying seeing sycophants in the comments call myself and others who disliked The Last Jedi man babies and haters. I have a variety of reasons for disliking the film including major world breaking plot holes, gaps in story, poorly handled characters, missed opportunities, and "subversion" for its own sake. There are major narrative issues with this film. And I'm not just some Disney hater. I love most of the new Canon books, and TV show. Rogue One was awesome and Episode VII was … okay. But I am also a fan begging for Lucasfilm to wake up and fire Rian Johnson before he could do more damage. PS I love this channel even if I disagree with your overall positive opinion on the film.

  5. I don't have any hopes for the 'open world star wars' game. I'm expecting it to get cancelled like the last few star wars games that were not MMO/FPS games. EA has proven they will cancel anything Star Wars related that they can't directly tie Micro transactions into easily. Comments made about Andromeda heavily hint towards this. So either the open world game will be heavily featuring multiplayer content with micro transactions around every corner or it'll just get cancelled again.

  6. "I will not be reading today's comments for unrelated reasons" … Savage.

    Seriously people, keep it civil.

  7. Are there any legend novels that don’t interfere too much with the new canon, that anyone could suggest for me to read?

  8. Seriously? Mentions of the mobile games’ regular updates and no mention of the confirmation of a new expansion in Star Wars: The Old Republic?!

  9. Speak for yourself. You can't say we all think Mark deserves a star. I don't think he does. Well he deserves it because he paid for it like everyone else but he lacks acting talent.

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