MASSIVE Clone Wars Geonosis DLC Leak + Current State & Future of Game Explained | Battlefront Update

Shocking behind the scene leaks from DICE insiders regarding the post-launch development of Star Wars Battlefront 2 has left the community in disarray, especially after the disappointment of the May Solo Season 2 DLC. In this video, we dive into these leaks and what they mean, look at the promising summer expected Clone Wars Geonosis DLC featuring General Grievous and Obi-wan Kenobi, and talk about current state of the game. Stay tuned for more official news related to these leaks for Battlefront 2 and any new Clone Wars DLC gameplay on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Game footage by Tootrill843 and DER_Killer514.

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  1. No Kenobi, No Anakin, No Grievous=No buy.

    I'm glad my wallet is staying full this year apparently. My dollars will be far, far away from any Star Wars merch (Soylo movie, this game, toys etc)

  2. I know it was good and we needed to take a stand on this somewhere but I foresaw this happening as soon as the anti – microtransaction movement started up in force, wasn't the original idea to not have a season pass and instead fund it through the lootboxes, no offense but I would have been happy for more content if some kids with their parents credit cards wanted to pick up those items

  3. the game will never recover.

    it‘s obvious: EA has zero interest to invest in this game anymore as with the removal of loot boxes they don‘t make any money with it.

  4. Here's how I would release Clone Wars content (either all at the same time or through waves):
    Geonosis: Anakin and Count Dooku
    Utapau: General Grevious and General Kenobi
    Battle of Rylok: Jango Fett and Captain Rex

    I would like to have Padme and Bounty Hunter Cad Bane, even if they aren't tied to specific battles/maps, having them would be cool. Mace Windu and Commander Cody would be great as well; again, don't have to be tied into a map. I would, however, prioritize Mace Windu and Captain Rex over Padme and Commander Cody for hero side, while prioritizing Jango over Cad Bane or Savage Oppress and Asajj Ventress.

  5. Im cool with the Assault Game mode but the game is held back with out Conquest Gamemode like battlefield which was in their first Battlefront

  6. So they ruined one of the games with the greatest potentials out there. Good job EA. I’ll just stick to fortnite they actually listen to the community and work hard to not let the game die.

  7. EA understand that the people want more Clone Wars content? Fuck this galactic civil war! I had enough of this shit in the first Battlefront.

  8. Honestly, I’ve given up on Star Wars content altogether. Fuck EA, I feel bad for Dice since they’re pawns, and Fuck Disney. They’ve killed one of the greatest franchises in history. I’m not going to buy ANY more content from them. I’m going back to the Legends, who’s with me?!?!

  9. It's sad when star wars battlefront 2 from 2005 still has more content than the new star wars battlefront2

  10. All I heard from this was that EA was butthurt that they can't make more money from microtransactions, that they are literally pulling the rug from under the developers and saying " it's their fault the game doesn't have any content ". Fuck EA.

  11. I really want Jedi vs Sith mode. I love heroes vs villains but, it’s super annoying when your dueling between Jedi and Sith and you got some yahoo with a blaster sucker shooting you from the back! Lol

  12. Ea and DICE: We’ve been listening loud and clear. We are proud to present: SOLO: A Star Wars story dlc season

  13. That's right morons, just keep throwing money at EA games, they care about you so much, I'm sure they won't fuck you over THIS time, THIS time will be different.

  14. why don't they just give us a game that can live for 2 – 3 years? Fuck original trilogy/solo content. Prequel era content is what we want!

  15. EA clearly doesn't get, that players don't want to spend more money on their game. We as a community are done with paid dlcs and microtransactions. If they release more skins we will just grind for them and barely anyone is going to buy them. Developers didn't fuck up it was the publishers who want to milk battlefront 2 after its release till its dead. Paid skins won't bring them more cash in my opinion and fuck they do not deserve it at all. I paid full price for the game and fuck them if they want more cash from me with such post release content

  16. Why isnt the battle on Scarif a galactic assault map? Why don't they have the battle of Jakku in multiplayer? Where are half of the other heroes from the original Battlefront 2? Why can't I have a primary and secondary blaster? Where's the imperial officer with geonosis bug gun?

  17. A few suggestions if they are listening. Starting with heroes, Anakin, Obi-wan, Grevious and all them bois but also maybe most of the Rogue One cast? I'd love to play as Jyn or even K lmao. And the battle of scarif would be great for galactic assault as well as the resistance's assault on Starkiller Base but as a fighter assault game. Idk just throwing out some ideas I came up with while playing the game.

  18. How stupid is EA? The reason why no one buys DLC packs is because they're too big of an investment. But why doesn't anyone buy their microtransactions? BECAUSE THEY PROVIDE NO VALUE!

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