Max Keiser vs Peter Schiff – Bitcoin vs Gold Debate | Nexus Conference 2017

Bitcoin vs Gold Debate

Moderated by Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser and Peter Schiff Debate Bitcoin vs Gold!

Recorded at the Nexus Conference in Aspen Colorado. Thursday, September 22, 2017

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  1. The reason Goldman Sachs are looking to get into Bitcoin is to… you got it! So they can be the "bailout experts" when, all of the sudden… if we don't bailout Bitcoin with 1 Trillion dollars "the world will collapse!"

  2. Bitcoin = taxation reinvented. You cannot hide on the blockchain. The beauty bitnerds rave about has them under the microscope. Taxmans job made easy.

  3. There are over 1000 cryptos currencies. Gold , silver are of very short supply. Rare = more value. The industrial world would stop without industrial silver. Silver is used up and never comes back.

  4. I wonder at what price will Peter finally believe that Bitcoin is here to stay? Let's ask him that, then just take our position and let him take his, then wait to see. Good luck Peter 😉

  5. People are going to gravitate to the more solid crypto currencies, which are more scarce. This is why we won't see a delusion.

  6. Thats a upload of a picture of the altime gold and alltime bitcoin graphs. They are remarkably the same. Will bitcoin survive?

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  8. A lot of what Peter Schiff says about bitcoin is quite ignorant but the argument that it trades like a risk asset not a safe haven have some validity to it. Instead of addressing that Max twatted around like a coked up internet billionaire bitching about the fiat system and arguing that gold isn't working just because the price has been stale. Entertaining sure, but I really hope this fool doesn't becomes more of a representing face then he already is.

  9. at 23 min I was like "please some one shot that drugged anarchist yelling moron Max" … Dude is complete clown. Nothing better can come out of anarchist scam like decentralized anonymous systems. Peter said well "Bitcoin will kill itself but if it becomes larger, governments will shut it down". For geeks that say Bitcoin can not be shut down I have two thoughts for you: 1) Governments have the power to shutdown mining farms 2) Governments have the power to shutdown all exchanges fiat/crypto trading as we have seen in China. What would the (in)value of Bitcoin be when it is "traded" only p2p.
    If cryptos are future, it will be the one that is centralized with decentralized private blockchain enforcing KYC inside of blockchain. Only such have chance with governments

  10. Waste of time. Peter Schiff has too much invested in his point of view. He will not persuaded otherwise, even if god himself whispered 'buy Bitcoin' in his ear.

  11. Max is such a clown in this discussion. And the social-media era audience values putting on a show more than a real adult talk. It's not a rap diss battle, Max, you know that? You loudly railing on over Peter not letting him talk is not equal to making a decent argument.

  12. The SHA algorithms have been around since 1993. For someone to claim that you own nothing when you buy bitcoin is the same as saying that your respective military's communication systems have been using algorithms that are essentially obsolete. Mind you, this is the very same military that backs your government, its currency, and it's ability to allow the corporations to control your precious gold price. IMO when bitcoin becomes the reserve currency there will still be a shit value of gold on paper in fiat, but no one in their right mind will be selling in the securities sector, or even in the cash market for that matter, as the BTC/ETH/crypto price for gold will be organic and it will be worth way more on the streets for Crypto NOT cash.

  13. I love Peter Schiff have followed him for years. However. the main thing where crypto will have tremendous strength is its versatility and flexibility. Part of a portfolio should definitely include your gold, silver and crypto in my opinion. I don't agree with Peter Schiff on the complete devaluation of crypto. That is an erroneous statement. Being able to transact across the world is very powerful. If you try to access gold it is very difficult. Not only that, buying stocks in a Gold Mining company is just stocks. It is not solid gold. Neither of them talked about owning oil either. OIL RUNS THE WHOLE WORLD. OIL is used to fuel machines, factories, and consumption of products generated by those machines and factories. Summing up I would look into OIL, Crypto, and Your precious metals. With an economic collapse which is long overdue all of these things will have tremendous value. To what level is yet to be determined. One this is for sure, the governments aren't going to be there to walk us through any of it. We have to acquire it for ourselves.

  14. The only argument for gold over bitcoin is this: Gold has a very long record of being highly valued; bitcoin is new. So, while I disagree with Peter's negativity toward crypto, I agree with him that, in this one sense, Gold is a safer store of value.

  15. The cryptocurrency community doesn't need guys like Max Keiser to defend it. Dude, act like a human being, not a damn baboon. We need to add credibility to the Bitcoin movement, not shout like retards in front of people and cameras. Fucking retard. We need better people to represent cryptocurrency.

  16. I think crypto will change the world as we know it! I hold gold and silver , but I think the HUGE profit will be in crypto, nexus looks promising .

  17. The key point is Schiff does not understand the technology.  He can't rationally comment on items he does not understand.  What does he actually know about asymmetric cryptography and digital signatures,,,,,,,,,, almost nothing.  He is in the gold markets and that's fine.  That's what he understands and he represents valuable knowledge in that market.   One does not replace the other, they both provide me with answers to financial issues.  Like Schiff I don't like the volatility in bitcoin but since I understand it and know where it will be in the future, I have  confidence to buy on the down cycles.   Schiff understands the problems with the dollar and central banks.  In time he will see what makes bitcoin valuable as a token for exchange just as he now understands gold.

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