Michelle Rodriguez Clears Up Lesbian Rumors

RumorFix caught up with Michelle Rodriguez who set the record straight on those rumors about her sexuality? SUBSCRIBE HERE for celebrity news

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Written by frances

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  1. haha.. michelle rocks..i love how she played Ana Lucia..but the funny thing is my real name is Ana it a win win. 🙂 if you would like you could check me and my videos out. Analucia2442 🙂 thank for all your help with that moron. 😉

  2. Ok…I guess I'll have to stop saying she is. But as a dude, now I'm wondering if she'd ever share a "sausage" with another chick.

  3. Hayden Panettiere isn't "gay" and there are plenty of pics online of her in weird situations with her girlfriends.

  4. lesbian or not … i will still try my luck if i ever meet her … the only thing standing in our way is the age gap

  5. Bi, lesbian or straight, she's still freakin gorgeous and smoking hot!!! I still hope that she's really straight though

  6. "Mitchie likes sausage!" Lmfao, that is my new favorite quote, and gives me just another reason to love her, lol. (=

  7. okay, why in the hell is everyone giving her crap? even the LGBT? You guys talk about be happy with who you are, let the women be happy with who she is!! I dont understand that? I don't hate yall, but come on… If she is straight, let her be straight. Who cares how she puts it, its her personality. Support her either way! Honestly, I would have said a smart ass comment too.

  8. I'm a tomboy and I hate if you act boyish they think ur a lezbian or a faget but all jokes aside everyone who ever called me that got to meet my friend the "Fist"

  9. So how can she explain the KRISTANA LOKEN hottie? Sometimes i'll search about her so much I'm so addicted, then I'll encounter post and vids like this how much she "despises" the idea of being with a woman… just depressing…a little bit turned off but trust me, after few minutes ON AGAIN! She's that hot!

  10. WTF!! The life is full of it. Michelle being lesbian or not the problem is hers. Mania always be putting in media analysis sex life. Damn!!!

  11. Sorry To hear that! O who the fuck am i kidding! She is the hottest creature on planet while being also the cutest! just a dream for every guy!

  12. Mitchy like sausage but in 2014 Mitchy love Cara Delevinge tities.. Lol she make new statement again in one event that she's bi.. You can taste all that you want baby..

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