Minnie Dlamini ‘If you wear size 8 of shoes you are not a women, you are a Man klaar’

Minnie Dlamini ‘If you wear size 8 of shoes you are not a women, you are a Man klaar’.
Minnie Dlamini posted this on twitter :- “The lenght of a women feet should not exceed size 7 according to
research, not my hand writing” and she deleted after 30 minutes and now her punch line is breaking the internet
and trending on twitter
If you are not sure what size shoes to buy for your feet. Then please make use of our shoes sizing guide here.
When Measuring Your Feet
-Start off standing up straight, barefoot, with your feet apart in a relaxed position on a pieceof paper
-Get a friend to draw a complete outline of your foot.
-When drawing the outline around the foot, hold the pencil straight up as. It must not be at a skew angle.
-On the outline, draw straight, parallel lines at the heel and toe points.
-Measure the distance between these points and deduct 5mm.
-Take the final measurement, in cm.




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