MIT surveillance video that led to Aaron Swartz’s arrest

A surveillance camera planted by MIT technicians captures internet activist Aaron Swartz tapping into a school computer to download files from JSTOR, a service that provides searchable copies of academic journals online to MIT students. Swartz downloaded millions of articles and made them available for everyone on the internet. After being identified, Aaron Swartz was arrested and charged with computer and wire fraud.

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. All he did was get free eBooks with the intent to share it. The company even forgave him. But no, the fucking US feds decided to hunt this smart, kind boy down and drove him to suicide. They are afraid of people like him that have the smarts and the sense of Justice.
    People, can you not see the Evil that stares into your face?

  2. Yea, but why is no one talking about what's REALLY important here.  I mean, seriously…look at that RACK, it's PERFECT.  Nice flow to one side, all neatly velcro'ed.  It's beautiful, man.

  3. Yet looking at this again its total bullshit. Look at how he goes to turn the light switch on when he first walks in, then apparently realizes its already on and stops. Then you don't see him connect to any of the data banks cables. Then when he goes to leave he reaches below the light switch but doesn't actually turn the switch off. The digital trailing of his body is quite suspect as well, let alone it could be any number of look alikes. 

  4. Yes he is was charged with the apropeate crime. He is no hero and is a complete fraud; he deserved at least 20 years for the abuse he put up. I'm happy he's dead.

  5. if he was Aaron instead a complot(Como siempre.) on de video, anyway he deserves the right to access in Data Centers that he would like, because he earned that ticket, simple as that. sorry for my english & greetings .

  6. Ok so this guy was so "smart".  But what gives him the right to get into a locked room and tamper with private equipment?  So typical of these uber-geeks and their supporters.  So caught-up in their own Robin Hood mindset that they think they are somehow above the common run of humanity and above the law and even morals.

  7. he walked in an open door with no real security and plugged in a notebook , MIT is  subsidies with tax dollars,. those journals are public domain. and the dumb ass  civil servant DA that tried to put that kid in jail for 30 years did not have the balls to go after real criminals.

  8. took him all of 10 minutes to get in download millions of files and get out… MIT Really needs to step up their security. R.I.P Aaron

  9. Are you kidding? There is a young man who walks into a small room with a grey door and lots of grey cables, doing something ambiguous and leaves. It takes me two hours to draw up a video like that – of which 90min will be necessary to look for my camera I haven't seen for ages.

  10. its strange this Aaron Swartz is about the first person who ever really impressed me that I feel guided by them in inspiration.
    he is passed away 2012. But there is a legacy of his work all over the internet in the background.
    And he tried to copy JSTOR's database, and only failed because someone spotted the laptop in the server warehouse of MIT, downloading the whole database over a period of some weeks.
    And that mistake he made, not having concealed the laptop properly from discovery, it changed everything, it changed the future of humanity.

    And now JSTOR have probably hired the most expensive fraud-detection firm in the world to try make sure NEVER AGAIN will any bot no matter what form be able to fool the detection system.

  11. That could have very easily been a hoover vacuum cleaner that he took out of his backpack. It's not clear what he had in his hands or what he was doing, so I'm going with, he was cleaning the floors and helping out the MIT janitors. That's what I would have been convinced of if I was a juror during Aaron's trial. Did anyone else pay attention to the beginning of this footage when he walked inside of the room? The lights turned on automatically and by habit he reached to turn the light on. That means  the surveillance people must have installed an automatic light switch. Talk about entrapment!  It's a shame the only way Aaron could be completely free is by taking his life. 🙁 RIP Aaron

  12. Wtg MIT, for turning your back on the principles that your institution was founded upon and standing idly by while the federal government bullied one of the greatest technical minds we had to death.


  13. crackle ranger 9.9 we got a guy trying to smuggle some knowledge. we gotta put this guy away for 40 years to protect people from this knowledge crackle

  14. Freedom is sacrifice; a measure of caring that is the leaven of love. Rest in peace Aaron, for all that you were to freedom, and for who you were in life: an ambassador for truth at its finest. I will always love you for your ideas and ideals.

  15. he was a thief…a white collar thief. he is no better than a nigger with knife to your neck demanding you empty your pockets.

  16. Why did he do this with no preparation? I guess he's not as smart as we thought he was? I just, I don't… did he know the ramifications of his actions? Did ANYBODY know? Was it really worth it? Why reject your 6 month plea deal just to come back with a counter offer? I don't understand.

  17. WTF their is a warning ⚠️ on the header that says RT is run by the Russian Government then an i link to Wikipedia!! Commie propaganda within the Deep State Globalists!!

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