I’m beyond excited to start up this project! What do you think?

As I said in the video, the biggest thing about building Kessel is I will be including my own custom Kessel Run UCS Falcon!


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Q- How old are you?
A- Currently I am 19 years old.

Q- When did you start getting into LEGO?
A- I have been into LEGO, specifically Star Wars, since I can remember. I took a break (sold everything) when I went into High School, but recently started up again in February of 2017!

Q- When do you upload?
A- As of now (6-3-18), I do not have a set schedule. I try to have at least 3 videos (including live-streams) a week, including my weekly MOC segments. Hit the bell icon next to the “subscribe” button so you know EXACTLY when I post 😉

Q- Where do I get my money to purchase everything from?
A- 80% of my LEGO is bought with MY OWN money, accumulated overtime from past jobs and current jobs. The other 20% is funded through birthday gifts, Christmas, and other events.

Q- Why should I subscribe to you?
A- I try my hardest to present ENTERTAINING and QUALITY content to my channel! I also make it a goal to respond to the community to the best of my ability and try to make my videos enticing, and to-the-point!


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  1. I’m so excited to be starting this up! Quick reminder, week 1 will NOT be out until early-mid August due to BrickFair VA and other stuff 🤙

  2. Kessel is so awesome! You already have a lot of slopes for it so… Will you be taking it to Brick Fiesta?

  3. Amazing stuff! Can't wait to see Kessel! I loved the SUSPENSE leading up to this MOC reveal! Take care!

  4. So hyped for the Kessel MOC! It was cool to see the Falcon and I am excited for the future! Best of luck family

  5. Great I can't wait. If u need any figs that Lego doesn't make i would be for than happy to make some for u (not free of course but cheap)

  6. That's cool I kinda knew. I am going to start making my first moc a mustafar moc based on the beginning of the clone wars

  7. Wow, Brick Wiz this sounds like a great idea! I loved Solo, and a Kessel MOC sounds great, can't wait to see it! sounds dramatic with lights, too! very cool! sounds huge, too!

  8. I'm glad your Moc is fresh and different, no needless comparisons between different Channels. Can't wait to see your creation!

  9. This is going to be awesome, it's going to be huge! Will you be buying the UCS millennium falcon for a reference for your UCS Kessel Run? (Even though its super expensive)

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