Neighborly dispute pays off for young lawn-mowing entrepreneur

12-year-old Reginald Fields’ lawn-mowing business is booming after news spread of a neighbor calling the cops on him for cutting grass over their property line.


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  1. This is what I did for my summers to make $$ ….. damn shame these "brave" Americans call the police on someone just doing the right thing earning some $$. How many mexicans have had the police called on them & they are in the Burbs cutting yards?!?! All the neighbor had to do was tell the young man "make sure you don't cut my side, please" No cop, No tax money spent.

  2. As a kid who went through this same situation and the cop happened to be a asshole until he realized I was like 11 and had no idea what was going on lol. Good to see this kid didnt have to deal with that.

  3. really i understand say calling the cops if your house was robbed but to call the cops over this is just very sad as for the kid keep working hard it pays off

  4. Mr. Reggie if you ever get to Florida, you can certainly cut our yards! Love an entrepreneur such as yourself and your doing a great thing for your future! Forget the neighbor…YOU will be a great example for kids to follow:)  Best of luck!

  5. That evil person whom called in on this young man, your day is coming. And God is going to chastise you, because God don't like when people pick on his innocent children! Whenever I see young kids doing something positive with their time, verses doing something negative and destructive, I would commend them on a job so well done! It's so sad seeing nowadays how some adults are just plain childish, and some of the children are more respectable then adults! This is a prime example how some people can scar children's for life!

  6. First a lady calls police on a little girl for selling water to get Disney world tickets Smh that backfired lol
    Then this this little guy gets the police called on him for a mistake
    This kid selfmade
    Ppl need to stop the discrimination its sickened

  7. The neighbor couldn't just go outside and show them were the property line is for future reference. He just a little kid, honest mistake. That's what I would have said to neighbor if I was that cop. They are wasting cops time!

  8. That neighbour is a dick. Fair play to those kids working at that age and making their own money. Good for them. The cops were called because that child is black. I think these people need to be charged for wasting the cops time. If you start fining people for wasting public services like this then they won't do it

  9. What the hell is wrong with ppl these days!! First I hear some white wench calls the cops on an 8 year olds girl for selling bottled water outside for a trip to Disney now ppl are calling the cops for a boy and his friends mowing the lawn!! These kids are doing more and better than over half of American adults yet their getting the cops called on them!! SMH…'s like the world done got body snatched overnight seriously we tell these kids to get what they want in life they need to work hard and stay focused, then when they do exactly that some ignorant ass person feels it necessary that they get the cops called on them…..sheesh…..

  10. apparantly kids smoking,drinking, and doing negative things is better lol…hardworkers from young age!!

  11. Before you all categorize white people as racists because white people called the police look at the people who donated supplies… look they’re white

  12. That was an asshole move by the neighbor and really the homeowner should have instructed Reggie where to cut. Do your thing Reggie, save that money and you will go far in life. Good work ethic. I don't know the kid but I am proud of him.

  13. The neighbor is a POS but so is George any videos that he pops up and gets a automatic thumbs down

  14. This that bullshit, young black men are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't… They only say you're perpetuating the negative stereotypes of black men when you end up in the streets, but when you get out here and try to do something positive (No matter how small it might be), you got silly ass HATEFUL people calling cops on us… I've noticed something too, the cops never seem to be called on those thugs & hoods that TERRORIZE the black community, they always calling cops on young black men who are non-combatant, law-abiding, HARD WORKING men and that shit is really starting to piss me off!

  15. Dumb ass neighbors. Kudos to the cops and salute to those young beautiful children with their entrepreneurial mindset

  16. Leave these beautiful black children alone. They are God’s children. They have a right to live and be children.

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