NEW Kylo Ren Hero Ability + Best of the BETA Leaks | Battlefront Update

We take a look back at all the major and best parts of the leaks that came from the Beta build of Star Wars Battlefront 2. This includes a sneak peak at one of Kylo Ren’s hero abilities, DICE’s confused Sky/Rocket trooper, and more.

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Written by frances

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  1. Sylo have you heard all this hate towards swbf2 ?? Everyone is saying its trash and I just don't understand it looks incredible and shaping up to be a great game to me where is all the hate coming from?

  2. I think it’s a rocket trooper. The only reason it looks different, is Rebels is not realistic like battlefront. It’s stylized with a different art style in Rebels, compared to real life.

    SYLO i have a bombshell for you, my xbox has already downloaded the full game (44.2gb).If you know anyone who can datamine this stuff we could know all the content in the final build.

  4. Lol, has everyone forgotten that mon calamari have flippers for feet. And the devs said a year or two ago, that mon calamari would walk funny so they didn’t add them into the first battlefront. I think it’s just a black bald female, and the protruding parts on the side of her head is just funny lighting in the ears.

  5. If there’s one map I really want to see dynamic weather for, it’s Starkiller base. It would be cool if throughout the match, it slowly transitions from day to night as the base drains the sun, just like in the movie.

  6. Isn't mirialan the species of bariss from the clone wars ? or is that species spelled different and the word in the video something else

  7. Am I the only one who hates the frown on the BF stormtroopers? Like I wish it'd be film accurate with the gray & black teeth design instead of it all painted black.

  8. 6:05 Solo there’s been leaked Kamino game,day for about a month. That’s why no one was really excited to see Kamino after they showed it

  9. The design of the imperial jump trooper helmet is just a regular storm trooper and rocket trooper hybrid and it’s safe to say that the sky trooper didn’t influence it

  10. That rocket trooper picture isn't a real image by EA it is a photo shop made by a fan to get a close image of what it may look like

  11. Mon calarami aren't gonna be on the list. During the first game, the developers were asked if mon calamari would be in the game as skins for a dlc. They said that mon calamari can't run like normal humans and other aliens, so they couldn't be of much use in a battle.

  12. Man, it'd be cool if reinforcements have skins in the final game. Like with the rocket trooper you could choose beetween a jump pack stormtrooper, or this design of rocket trooper.

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