New LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts sets revealed!

New LEGO Wizarding World sets have been revealed – one from Harry Potter, and one from Fantastic Beasts.

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  1. Newt's buildable suitcase has a neat TARDIS-style feature of opening up a large room of what would otherwise be a small container, and that set seems to accomplish it better than the DW Ideas set, especially with the added walls! 🙂

  2. That suitcase set is amazing. Such a smart idea having an actually fully enclosed suitcase that opens up like that. And only 30$ and you get 4 accurate minifigs to the scene and 3 awesome creature builds. Count me in. This set is a win from Lego compared to all the overpriced and disappointing sets they've been putting out recently

  3. Great minifigs for the Suitcase set, though I wish they could have done a normal torso for Jacob Kowalski and include the rugby vest as a separate part, like a lifejacket.

  4. What in the heck have they done to aragog, they have made good creepy spider sets and yet he looks stupidly cutsie, I love spiders and to be honest they have nerfed one of the best monsters, the demontors from the hogwarts express set is maybe more accurate but the original ones were far more interesting as sand green hadn't been used on skeletons before (i don't think) Now they just make the figure black. I call bull

  5. Keen on the Aragog set, how many tiny spiders come with the set just the 2 or 4? the suitcase set was good but I only liked the creatures 🙂

  6. The suitcase set will probably be overpriced but I think it will be worth it but I really want the transaction from Harry potter because then I can finally get a train which can be changed into a train from the 19th century

  7. I’m gonna get both I got all the Lego Harry Potter In 2010 and 2011 so will be getting all of these sets as well

  8. Aragog looks more actuate to a real spider. That is, I think its actuate. Hold on, let me check… AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

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