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New LEGO Millennium Falcon Kessel Run Set

Harry Potter Castle Set Announced

Infinity Wars Sets

Powerpuff Girls Minifigure Line-up

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Lost Director of Billion Brick Race

Infinity Wars Sets appearing in stores

Polybag at walmart

Black Panther DLC coming soon


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  1. Tbh every time someone complains about the new Harry Potter theme I get scared because I’m afraid LEGO will take it away again

  2. One thing that the Toyfair pictures revealed. The gap between the front mandibles isn't "filled in". That is a removable cargo pod that sits in the center of the fork. It comes out and the Falcon regains its classic profile. I'm going to speculate that when we first meet the Falcon way back in Episode 4, it is shortly after Han and Chewie had recently had to dump that pod, thus pissing off Jabba. Which all makes sense.

  3. And oh man! Good call on Kashhyk. That Treehouse Ideas Project would be perfect as Chewies House from the Star Wars Holiday Special. Just add minifigures and grandpa's chair o Wookie Porn. (I so wish I was joking about that. Some things once seen cannot be unseen.)

  4. Yeah lego really has kinda gone down in quality in my opinion.

    No way I'm paying over a hundred bucks for something like this.

  5. $170?! That's disgusting to pay for plastic. I love Legos but there is no way I would pay that much for a Falcon that is "older" and more expensive than the others released.

  6. Anybody else notice how many millennium falcon sets have come out over the years? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

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