New Star Wars Episode 9 Release Date ANNOUNCED – Star Wars News

Star Wars episode 9 (x) new release date officially announced!

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  1. Are you happy JJ is taking over again?
    Did you like The Force Awakens?
    What do you want to see in the concluding chapter…?


  2. JJ will screw up Star Wars just as he did with Star Trek. I just hope there is SOME consistency with the original movies. Star Wars is sure not what it used to be….. 🙁

  3. It's hard to have any informed opinions about who should direct the third movie when all we know about the second is some teasing. JJ Abrams is great at making big detailed compelling action packed adventures but sucks at explaining a damn thing or giving us a story with any cohesion. It seems like an odd pick for who would conclude the story.

  4. The dark side is a path way to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

    .star wars the force awakens
    .star wars the last Jedi

  5. I'm a little sad and surprised to find out that JJ Abrams will be making Star Wars IX ?. Really. I just wasn't that impressed with Force Awakens, I mean, it was a good movie theatrically speaking, but I didn't feel like it had the same Star Wars vibe that we've had in all the previous movies (and in Rogue One). I think for the big finale of the trilogy we need a writer and director who really love the way Star Wars was originally produced. I'd like to see more about the force as well, I'm concerned about this since I found Episode VII to be lacking in that area (it's not that they didn't talk about the force, it's just that it wasn't really an important plot point most of the time). We need less of a modernized rewriting of Star Wars (like what JJ did in Star Trek and how I felt The Force Awakens was) and more of a continuation to the story. I'm sorry if this upsets some people, but I really am disappointed. ?

  6. Jesus i watched all movie's but wating for star wars 8 return of the Jedi now another in 2019 oh f*** cool but it should stop at episode 10

  7. Fellow Star Wars fans Star Wars is dead JJ Abrams killed it,And he is now milking you like cows Stop letting Disney fuck you

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