NEW Star Wars Movie In The Works! Details Revealed (Exciting News)

Today we go over exciting star wars news that has all to do with a new star wars movie! the details from from omegaunderground and this film is a new film aside from the obi wan kenobi movie (kenobi a star wars story). It’s called project tincan leaving many to believe that this is the boba fett star wars movie back in production. With star wars the last jedi coming out in just days! Its so exciting to hear of the future of star wars.



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  1. I would absolutely love a Boba movie! Especially if they get creative with it and include a ton of bad guys like jaba. The name does sound like a droid movie. That could be lame though. The main 2 droids have been in each movie. Enough of that

  2. Really??? We need other character movies not a Fett movie. Boo. Vader would b the perfect next movie. From Vadar's birth up to New Hope. Explaining y he has his badass rep in the galaxy. From comic to film. I'd put a Jabba movie b4 a Fett movie. We all know Fett's simple history. Yuck

  3. I'm surprised they didn't call it Project: Trash Can. I hope Temeura Morrison plays Boba. It only makes sense. If it's a multi-bounty hunter movie, as it should be, then the focus on him as an actor carrying a film shouldn't be the big deal that it is with most other movies.

  4. This is my take on a Boba Fett film in point form:
    – Old man Boba.
    – The tone is very much like Logan.
    – Set years after the events of Return of the Jedi.
    – He's a scavenger and laying low.
    – Finds and uses junk that he stumbles upon in his travels to build armory (reinforce armor, create/ upgrade weapons, gadgets, …).
    – He's in incognito because there's a big bounty on his head.
    – Various lone wolf bounty hunters take up this bounty.
    – We Occasionally get flashbacks of his past (how he became a bounty hunter, how he became affiliated with the imperial force, …)
    – We get intense scenes of him hiding, running away, outsmarting, and killing the hunters after him one by one.
    – We get a cool and important scene of him upgrading his blaster from stuff he found (Notably, there's a part where he replaces the barrel of his blaster with a new one).
    – In a later part of the movie, he is being hunted down by a group specialized stormtroopers who are very good at hunting down targets (Boba's biggest opposition).
    – At a dire moment in the movie, Boba is extremely injured and cornered by these stormtroopers.
    – Boba catches himself from collapsing on the ground by kneeling on one knee.
    – The camera focuses on his face, he closes his eyes.
    – We then get a flashback of him escaping the sarlaac pit.
    – We see him inside the creature's stomach and he's about to just give up and die.
    – He closes his eyes and in a feat of strength and perseverance, he uses the force to free himself and kill the creature. (Surprise, he's force latent).
    – The movie cuts back to him in the present about to die. He opens his eyes slowly and slowly gets up on 2 feet.
    – He looks at his blaster, rips off its barrel with one hand and throws aside the rest with the other.
    – He looks at the stormtroopers and we get a full body shot of Boba holding the barrel. (An epic rendition of "Binary Sunset" plays in the background)
    – The barrel ignites and emits a purple beam (boom, it's a purple lightsaber!).
    – The storm troopers are in shock and ready their blaster but Boba swiftly kills them.
    – In the post credits scene, Boba is in a deserted house fiddling with the lightsaber.
    – From the shadows behind him, he hears someone saying, "Is that yours?".
    – Boba alertly looks at the shadow and from the darkness a person appears from it. It's Mace Windu.

  5. I don't remember exactly but I think there is or was a Facebook/Twitter page called The Tin Can and it was a Boba Fett page.

  6. sounds like Disney know there onto a good thing. having multiple projects on the go means they can regularly release a film and ride the gravy train.

  7. It looks really likely that this is the rumored Boba Fett movie – Cause, what else could "project Tin Can" refere to? Millenium Falcon? And if its not Boba Fett I do really hope its either a Millenium Falcon Movie or a Darth Vader movie telling his story inbetween ROTS and ANH – But my two cents are on the Boba Fett movie whom has been rumored before and since he is a really loved character whom I am sure they will release a movie about at one point or other. Johan.

  8. I want a Yoda movie. However The 1980/83 puppet Yoda was way better than the shitty CGI and puppet they used later on.

  9. it better be the boba Fett movie is amazing how they making a Obi-Wan movie before Boba Fett didn't we get enough of his ass in the prequels I don't understand why people want to see that movie all three prequels are based mostly on him then it is on Anakin give somebody else a chance to do a movie

  10. IF it is Boba Fett, I hope it is released before Kenobi, because I want to save the best for last. Quite frankly, Boba Fett has always been a background character, not really worthy of a standalone movie and given that the character has only had a total of around 15 minutes of screen time.

    The character had more time in the "Dark Disciple" novel as an 18 year old teenager. I'm not that interested but I'll buy my ticket to watch it when it comes out just to support Lucasfilm but I really want to see the Kenobi movie with Ewan McGregor.

    I've got my tickets for my first of 10 views of The Last Jedi for December 15. The week after, I'm watching it 3 more times and then once a week until it leaves the cinema chain.

  11. I can't even imagine a Ben Kenobi film let alone a Boba Fett movie who's such a minor character.  I feel like they're just starting to put some garbage out to keep busy.

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