[News] Anonymous Hacker takes down 20% of Deep Web after finding CP

After breaking into Freedom Housing II on the Deep Web, an anonymous hacker took down the entire service when he discovered over 30gb of child exploitation images spanning over 10 websites. But will his actions lead to the arrest of those involved, or hinder the judicial process?


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All footage taken falls under ”fair use” of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed. Freedom of speech is the ability to speak without censorship.

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Written by frances

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  1. I thought only the government could violate due process or people acting as a deputised police representatives. Just some guy dropping this information in the FBI's lap would be like ex-soldiers with a rich friend black-bagging Snowden and tossing his hogtied ass on the steps of the Justice Department. This hacker doesn't represent the government and he did it on his own.

  2. I think that that hacker should have only hacked the part of the server that contained cp and not the whole site. I think its especially important because if that hacker would have just hacked the illegal part, police would have got more time to investigate and higher the chance of pedophiles get captured.

    I first got clue that when I fired their link, there was something like database error so I thought that they are upgrading the server. Later that day when I opened the site, I saw something like Freedom Hosting II was hacked and you need to pay money to download their data. Seems like hacking was done to earn money. Next day, when I opened the site, they said that they made a torrent and we could now download the file free. And now, if you click on their link, another hosting company opens named deep hosting where you need to pay money to host your website…

    I am not trying to offend anyone… but just telling what happened…

  3. Umm…. Due process only applies to the government. The FBI is perfectly allowed to act on any information found by illegal means. Fruit of the poisoned tree merely means that information acquired via illegal methods by the government cannot be used in trial. If the police, for example, catches a hacker and gains legal access to his data, either through his permission or through a warrant, they are allowed to act on evidence of other crimes unrelated to the arrest.

  4. what matt say is bullshit,the fbi have evrythin to arrest ppl but they dnt do it ,they wait years and years so then they can do a world wide raid to get those persons at the same time

  5. wad the hacker from the goverment. if not then it has nothing to do with due process. it was a crimial that sent files about another criminal. if i broke into someonex house and seen a husband murder his wife, where would that fall?

  6. It shouldn't matter how legal the retrieval of info is; sometimes to catch monsters you have to act like a monster. If I were to expose a list of buyers/ sellers on a Human trafficking site that crime should easily outweigh my hacking to get that list. Hacking should only be a crime in cases involving money fraud / slander; as long as you didn't do it for. Personal gain or to openly break the law for personal gain I see no problem with some dishonest means.

  7. 0:55 — Funny, so while you think #Pizzagate has no truth to it, you're convinced that there's an issue here…?

    You know what's REALLY funny (not ha-ha) about this, Matt? None of the religions involved have proscriptions against child exploitation or sexual abuse. I mean, you won't find rules against it in any of the Bibles, and the preachers who bang on about it the loudest…? Yep, they're also involved.

  8. Honestly, the moment I read the title of this video I couldn't honestly believe it. The idea of actually taking down essentially 1/5 of the entire internet sounds way too big of an exaggeration. But if, no matter how exaggerated this may be, this was even even remotely true I still fully commend this hacker. It might have messed up the entire case but he still took down a huge amount of evil shit that might not have even been looked at had he done nothing. Sure the FBI may have been trying to find a way to shut this down, but they have a way harder time stopping this stuff than people realize. There may be no arrests in the near future but at least for now it's shut down, which was what matters most.

  9. The problem with 'due process' is that it wouldn't do anything anyway. So damned if you do, damned if you don't. Matt, you DO realize that by going to the Deep/Dark/Muddy Web, he broke the law, and he'd be arrested? There's no winning here.

  10. I still give props for hacker for shedding light on this it's possible the law would never have found this gj brothers of truth

  11. in real life, there is NO DUE PROCESS in ANY COURT INVOLVING CHILDREN..CPS provides kids for these "Services", and what is MORE IMPORTANT than stopping this SHIT

  12. what OTHER reasons do you have for being disappointed in these actions? the authorities are involved, as you SHOULD KNOW.
    Its the individuals who have balls that will take back the rights of the oppressed. GOOD

  13. I think that the next generation of people are now kids and we can stop the dark web all together if we somehow had all of them grow up to be away from the dark web then all of the sick fucks on the dark web die of old age or something than none of the current kids will grow to be the next sick fucks. I know it won't work in practice because it isn't possible but it's just an idea.

  14. If the guy isn't part of law enforcement, I don't think there is an issue with his evidence. Arty least not the same level of issue if it had been someone in law enforcement doing this without the proper authorization. Also, there are probably many individuals outside of normal jurisdiction that can't be touched by normal law enforcement. Maybe this information being exposed will effect those responsible in some other way.

  15. you sound like a scorned little cunt bitch who supports child pornography and one who rapes the fuck out of a child… just look at you, you fucking disturbing looking bitch!!!

  16. What's the difference between improperly exposing a crime and calling 911 anonymously and telling them that a crime has been committed? I find there to be no difference as both violate your privacy. However, it would appear that one is acceptable while the other is not. Also, shut up about that being 20% of the dark web. It's the dark web, thus you can't see all of it, or even most of it. Since it's off the grid, it's unknown. If they knew that to be 20%, it clearly means they've cataloged all of it, which is retarded for anyone to think possible.

  17. might be fruit of the poisonous tree or whatever it's killed, can't convict with stolen or evidence that's tainted or something like that.

  18. Even if the info is inadmissible in a court of law, he still has the info. What would stop him (or someone else) from leaking this info to the public anonymously and exposing some of these sick bastards?

  19. I think anonymous should do even more of this and wipe out child pornography entirely from the dark web. The hacker never had any tendencies to abuse children, he just wanted to take a large chunk of the dark web out. Wouldn’t you rather child pornography was erased from existence now rather than never? Because police don’t give a shit.

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