Old School Cool LEGO Jurassic Park Set on the way + New Brickheadz! | LEGO News

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UCS 75192 Millennium Falcon Back in Stock!!!

Star Wars Rathtar Escape 75180

New Jurassic Park Sets Revealed

LEGO Jurassic World Box Art Images out

New Fantastic Beast Set Revealed

Brickheadz Go Official Pics

Jurassic World Brickheadz Images

Ideas Moments in Space Nontrovery

LEGO Hulkbuster Ultron Modification by Chubby Bots

Hulkbuster Designer Video

Tron Ideas Set Teaser

Voltron Ideas Set has a Price

Bugatti Chiron Technic set changed Release date

Toys R Us going out of buisness for sure


History Museum By Bricky Brick

Lego Twitter Ideaas Post:

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  1. The Set is cool and all but I would just get it because of the Awesome Minifigures and for the pieces

  2. I can see the message that (the guy that I can’t remember the name for) put on the computers

    “Ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word”

  3. It's been long enough Jurassic Park. Now all I need is either a T-Rex escape or a JP jeep and or JP tour vehicle.

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