On the Record: Marina Mahathir on her father Mahathir Mohamad’s return to politics

Marina Mahathir talks about her father, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s return to the political fray at the age of 92, as the prime ministerial candidate for the opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition in the next election.

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  1. Amazing bits about Tun. He is a magnificent, ginormous of a legend who will forever be the best son of Malaysia and Asia. He is undoubtedly the most suitable person to be Malaysia's 7th PM and turn his country's misfortunes onto the road of glory again. Be proud of Tun, Malaysians.

  2. He is my idol. .. what I love abt him is…. He has the balls of a steel. . He is a straightforward person. .. he's not afraid to tell his opinion openly. . When he says something need to be done.. he will execute in style.. that's Tun Mahadir. . My respect to u sir. .. may Allah blessed you with good health and long live. .. Aamiin. .. From Singapore

  3. This video tears me up…the amount of sacrifices he made to help the nation of Malaysia.. Very touching…

  4. Dear mam, Please wearing scaft. Ur speak really calm. By the way u should should have to close ur aurah.

  5. He came back to right what he wronged. And he did it with a bang. Never thought we will be so proud of this enigma of an 'Old Man'. Only he could have given us what we have been fighting for for so long. Another man who is worthy of TUN is the evergreen Mr Lim Kit Siang who never gave up. He was my late father's idol. Even though he had dementia he could somehow remember Mr Lim and the late Mr Karpal Singh. God bless all the fight souls who never gave❤️ up!!!

  6. Wanita yg membenarkan Islam liberal dan LGBT. Bapa Ahli negara. Tapi membinganan dia terhadap anak perempuannya menjadi persoalan

  7. Thank you for giving the other half of your father to the nation. No words can describe our gratitude to the sacrifice your family is making for the nation.

  8. It is Tun family’s ultimate sacrifice that this nation has gotten our mum and dad back to be our saviour. For that whole nation is indebted to Tun’s family… #proudmalaysian

  9. As a X-Malaysian I feel Dr. Tun Mahathir will or can Change Malaysia to a non-base race Politic, Malaysia for Malaysian that will be good for the Country's Future and Great Economic Growth which will benefit all. Then his name will be remembered in Malaysia as the 93 years old PM who came back to 'Right or Straighten' his Country from a crooked Path. He may even rival S'pore LKY Legacy in his Passing ….. in which Malaysian will forever Remember him for his work….

  10. Dear Mrs. Marina,
    You father has now the unique chance to write Malaysian history by making Malaysia a better place, in a relatively short time. I'd like to encourage your entire family to help him with that, in whatever way is possible for each of you. Malaysia must develop, and grow into a good place for everyone.

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