Openly Gay, Lesbian, & Bi Celebrities

A thank you to many of today’s openly LGBT celebrities

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Written by frances

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  1. I am straight.  but because of family and friends I support lbgt.  NO one WANTS to be gay.  I do not believe these ppl woke up one day and wanted to be ridiculed by peers.

  2. It's sad how these bible thumping bigots wanna spew their hate on here. Who are you to spread your hate last time I checked you're not god so stop acting like it wearing mixed fabrics eating pork getting divorced are sins did you know that the bible says to stone your kids when they're disobedient, love thy neighbor as thyself & (something you obviously seem to forget) Judge not lest ye be judged educate yourselves on the bible & stop choosing what you wanna follow

  3. Once and for all God loves all. You can't juge if you're not God. With Sodom and Gomorrah the reason God was mad was cause people where lusting over one another and there was no LOVE. Love is LOVE. And God wants his children to LOVE. Not lust. So stop hateing and saying stuff like God will have u burn in hell if u LOVE the same sex. Cause one your NOT God and can't juge. And two LOVE is LOVE. No matter who it's with.

  4. Homosexuality is a disorder. Tragically , it seems that gay propaganda machine has managed to occupy popular music and movie culture. We live in dark ages. Ugliness and disease rule the world.

  5. That was a waste of time. I had never heard of at least 75% of the people shown here. I do not care what their sexual orientation is so long as they are not out recruiting children and young people.

  6. For Sean Patrick Hayes, he was also in "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," and that is a seriously funny movie. If you update the movie in the future, encourage folks to see that film. It was the reason he got the job on "Will & Grace." Originally, Sean was seeking to be "Will" and not "Just Jack." He is a "swonderful" actor!!! I lust him madly.


  7. It makes me wonder why if someone despises or believes homosexuality to be evil or disordered, that they would click on a video described as "Openly Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Celebrities", watch it, and make they effort to comment. I dislike videos of people eating bugs, I choose not to watch them. I tend to watch things that I like or at least do not dislike. Seems if you go out of your way to watch it despite the title, you really have no reason to spew hatred about the content. You didn't need to watch it, or did you? Curious a bit?

  8. I am supposed to plant the seed that there is a loving caring generous God who calls us to Him. I am not a Prophet nor have I been chosen to speak for God. it is also not my job to go door to door selling my religion to get converts to my religion. Spread the Gospel is God's Commandment not getting converts to your religion.

  9. Who really cares, these people have no effect on my life what so ever. they are on here as though they were on Americas Most Wanted! They are not child predators or molesters, so knock off the BS!!!!!

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