Pokemon News Update: MAJOR SUN AND MOON LEAKS, Team Rocket Limited Edition Brief Case??!



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All donation money will be used to help me finally buy my very first camera!

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$50: Special Pokemon Card Care Package + Everything Above
$75: I’ll check out one of your videos and give you tips and tricks on how to improve + Everything above
$100: Pack Battle + Everything Above
$250: Super special package + everything above


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  1. With the pin blisters, I am surprised the 3rd pack wasn't at least a steam siege. Also, I definitely would appreciate a shoutout.

  2. god i want that rocket case :c! Congratulations pokemon fans who live in japan yet again! at lest we got the buggy pokemon go first…….. T.T

  3. Yay! great news on all the new stuff! I'd love a shout out if possible. Just uploaded a few bee vids! great as always!

  4. I like shoutouts but Idc if I get one or not no matter wat u are gonna be one of my fave youtubers! Keep on making videos and don't listen to the Haters!☺️

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