Pokemon Sun and Moon – Ash’s Pikachu vs Jessie’s Mimikyu (English Subs HD)

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Ash’s Pikachu vs Jessie’s Mimikyu (English Subs HD)

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  1. My growing concern is when Ash faces the ghost trials in the next island. Will that Mimikku respect Ash as a challanger with Pikachu tagging along or will it go bananas ? Seeing Jessie and hers make me hope it's just hers and not every one of them. Now then, Nebby back to Ash's bag!

  2. Hope, you upload the ending of the episode. Where nebby teleport everyone to the school rooftop. That make me and everyone else go Lmao.

  3. 0:15 It's funny Jessie– you keep moving your mouth, but all I hear is "DURR, WE IS A GWOUP OF FAGGOTS WHO WAN STEEL STUFS BUT WE JUS' GET OUR WORFLESS ASSES KICKED, SO WHY DO WE KEEP TRYING?"

  4. You know, when Mimikyu was withdrawn, Pikachu could have easily used Thunderbolt on them, but nope, the plot demands.

  5. noting two facts: Nebby is happy even if Team Rocket has just kidnapped him;
    Pikachu needs Ash's commands while Mimikyu does it all by itself

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Pokemon Sun & Moon – Nebby Teleports Ash Around Alola! Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 45 English Subs HD

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