Check out the official reveal trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. lame, just like part 2 on Pokemon white and black. it might be cold though if they threw in some more Pokemon with alternate alola forms

  2. of this   nto new 3ds then game frek fuck up the original sun mon ahd hard time running on  old 3ds   they sould be smart put this on new 3ds

  3. Necrozma finally has a purpose.
    …wait, no, ALREADY has a purpose! Sun and Moon only released LAST YEAR! Fuck's going on with GameFreak?
    (Though this could actually be pretty cool. maybe they could pull another Pokemon B2/W2 with new story and new features. Fusing the main legendaries with Necrozma using a similar thing to Kyurem's fusing mechanic. Could be awesome, but only if they introduced new Alolan formes to the game. And put this on the original 3DS. 'Cuz I'm poor.)

  4. Not even a minute long. IMO this is pretty disappointing, we already have Zekrom/Reshiram + Kyurem, please don't tell me they're gonna do the same thing with every other legendary. (i barely even liked the primal/omega/whatever forms of groudon and kyogre)
    The colour pallet doesn't even look that good.. (atleast the logo look really nice.)

    I guess I'll be happy if there's gonna be new alolan forms or megas. Other than that, unhyped as fuck.

  5. Sun and Moon is easily the worst game in the franchise, and am hoping more than fucking anything that they release a remake of HG/SS. My biggest worry is that they won't be able to remake since HG/SS has a giant overworld. SU/MO has a joke of a world that you can travel across in like, 2 minutes, and there's no infinite loop for hatching eggs. The only things that I liked about SU/MO is the sending Pokemon to the boxes and checking their summaries; the addition to them removing HMs was great, too. Other than that, the game is horribly small, with nothing to do. Oh, and pretty much every Pokemon in this gen is shitty both competitive wise and looks wise. How much of a fucking joke is it that they just make different versions of pre-existing Pokemon? How lazy could they be? How does it even make sense that there's 'Alolan versions', and not different versions of Pokemon for every other part of the world. It's half-assed, and pathetic. There's basically no good evolutions, which takes away most of the excitement from new generations. Instead of Friend Safari in this new gen, we get this stupid fucking QR scanner shit, where you can get shit Pokemon that everybody already has that they can transfer through Pokebank. The Pokemon you catch through the QR scan don't even have hidden abilities. There is literally no purpose to this dumb QR feature other than events.

    I fucking hate SU/MO. It is by far the laziest, least innovative (other than changing the POV to a style that isn't meant for games with an overworld) game in the series. What a fucking letdown.

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