remember i am not a financial advisor. this is my journey of cryptos, providing you charts analysis, probabilities, my picks, ico talk, news and more

bitcoin ethereum litecoin neo cash crash crypto currency prices gold silver sell buy coins and some tokens

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  1. New to the channel….I like the way you identify the current crypto currency market and it's potential applicability etc…. I just subscribed interested to hear about you ICO identifications as well. Currently holding a very diverse portfolio including several cryptos, precious metals, stocks, retirement investments, start ups, etc….like the channel looking forward to future vids. Great work keep it up!

  2. I think the only thing keeping prices down & flash crashing are those day traders & FUD paranoids so scared of jamie dimone.. Y'all need to chill, stop selling & HODL so they can go to the moon and we can all benefit!!

  3. hey austin, do you or anybody know how i can buy Komodo or Ripple etc…i have my bcc converted to omisigo via the edan exodus walley i have no idea how to change it on bittrex for the currency i want.

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  5. err… prices not to soar except for bitcoin. People are selling off everything to get the BTG! Now if you are smart you will buy up some of the other alt coins soon because after the fork people are going back to buying those! 🙂

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