PROOF HashFlare isn’t a Scam! – Withdrawing from HashFlare – Bitcoin Mining CryptoCurrency

I want to address all the complaints that have been thrown my way…so let’s talk about HashFlare and Bitcoin Mining.
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  1. Just be truth full what you say about the mining fee it is 0.35 per TH for you that is 152 times 0.35 equals $53.20. Not $40.

  2. Also you keep referring to the values Hashflare is putting up for your earning capacity. These are not correct. They do not reflect the mining fees that you need to pay first, this means that your earnings are lower. How much lower? This depends on the price of Bitcoin. The higher the price of Bitcoin the lower the mining fee. Because mining fee is in US dollars, but paid in Bitcoin. So the higher the Bitcoin the more profitable the mining. At the moment you make about $1.75 to $1.80 per TH nett. How do I know? I have also 155 TH in Hashflare. And you keep saying you are truthful, but tell the things people want to know, what do you approximately make nett per TH at the current price of Bitcoin.

  3. Enjoyed the video, as usual. Your one of my top channels for crypto. I appreciate all your knowledge, don't hold back just to appease the few. If you believe in it, most want to hear what you have to say. Keep up the great work.

  4. Thank you for your transparency, I absolutely love your work and your videos.

    I have a question about Hashflare. So I've bought 11.5 TH/s and I've decided that what ever I earn through my daily mining I will reinvest into Hashflare, now my question is, let's say I keep reinvesting every single day for a full year's contract all I earn in daily mining, does that mean that eventually when my year contract is done I won't earn anything? Does this make sense? 

    I hope that my question makes sense!

  5. I purchased 1.1TH/s about 25 Hours ago using Bitcoin. My account is still pending and I dont understand how long it will take. There is no information as such and when I wrote them, I had an auto reply that says it usually take 14 days to respond. Really dont understand what to do..!

  6. Hey CCN it would be cool if maybe you could do a video on how hashflare would work out with a more modest investment. You said you invested 24k, which for a lot of people isnt a doable thing. Perhaps just 200 or something. Im interested in this idea but it seems unless your investing thousands then perhaps it doesnt pay off?

  7. DUDE PROOF OF STAKE P.O.S will END all MINING as we know it ETH this year sometime 4 sure BTC on th cards what 2 do??? is it worth investing??

  8. Thank you for the clarification, personally I don't doubt your intentions, but remain skeptical for a few reasons:
    – I don't know much about LN, therefore it's unclear to me what kind of impact it will have on mining difficulty when / if they roll it out
    – The duration of the contract is a bit too long, they might just disappear in the middle of it (the precedent already exists with other cloud mining companies)
    – The price of the asset could be significantly lower by the end of the contract, sure it could also be higher, but I just don' t see it..
    – If it's such a good deal, why do they ( not simply mine and keep the returns for themselves instead of renting?

  9. Can you do a vid explaining these mining contracts for the layman? And also a brief comparison on the pros and cons of the different platforms such as Hashflare v CCG v Genesis v Bitconnect? I’m interested in earning a regular stream of passive income as opposed to hoping to make capital gains by betting on Altcoins. Only willing to invest 150 dollars max

  10. so is your plan for mining to keep reinvesting tell day 120-190 or what is your game plan? please let me know very curious what a good strategy would be

  11. These videos are nauseating. Just invest in a few coins you feel good about and hold.
    Also, he's not getting paid by Hashflare, He's getting "Kickbacks"… LOL

  12. LOVE HashFlare… or at least the concept. i.e. during gold rushes, sell picks and shovels. this is a BIG shovel. So far, I also trust HF as an organization I've been in since mid Dec. those who mock, don't understand. it's no different than my belief (and MANY others) that AMZN stock went up because of AWS… they are selling shovels…
    most successful company during the gold rush??… Levi Strauss. simple.

  13. I have a hasflare account, however I still think it is a bit suspect. First of all, has anyone seen any videos of there actual mining facility? Also on there Facebook feed is a load of people who haven't been paid there referral fees, have you received your kickbacks from hashflare?

  14. What Hashflare needs is a new competitor on the market. The price per hash power is 40% lower with Hashzone and maintenance fee is 10% lower and they offer open-ended contracts. Also minimum withdraw is 0.0001. Way more better then Hashflare in any aspects. for FREE 20GH/s SHA-256

  15. Been liking the info you've been bringing in! Still trying to look into more sources about the stuff you talk about. Always gotta check from several sources.

  16. Can you please send me some bitcoin because i want to invest in hashflare but am too broke thanks anyway : 1Ngeom8Ag8MD2zmLQdbUs8yjXSb3WDozDQ

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