Republicans Set Their Sights On Major Tax Reform, Will The Middle-Class & Poor Get Screwed?

Roland Martin appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Karen Finny, Matthew Dowd, Katie Walsh and Brian Kilmeade to discuss Republicans setting their sights on a major tax reform bill and who will be impacted the most by their plan. Plus, the Powerhouse Roundtable addresses the rift in the GOP.

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Written by frances

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  1. Companies will get a tax break and profit from the savings not create jobs and they sure as he'll are not coming back to the states. If you're not making six figures you're screwed.

  2. Seeds of Satan of this country your time is up, desperately wanna suck the blood of the people but your wicked ways are strangling you. Lol

  3. I listened to that about 5 times. You give those republicans enough rope, they will hang their selves. That Brian Kilmeade is a joke. "They are timing it for the right time to come out." "They are doing it to keep their jobs." "People will be start getting taxed at 24 thousands a year."… Why would you tax someone that makes 24 thousands a year? That is poverty level! I bet anyone making 24 thousand a year, is living from pay check, to pay check. And Brian Kilmeade was just throwing stuff out there, hoping no one was listening. He could not even hold his lying a** head up. Is see why "those people" got issues with you Mr. Martin, you be keeping it to real for them.

  4. Middle Class & Poor Always get's screwed and been & gonna be getting the bill for fat rich greedy stank n ass mutha fuckas. What's new???

  5. Aren't families getting their tax credit doubled? There are never any tax breaks for the single adult. It's always about families and corporations. I feel used and discriminated against, supporting everyone else's needs but my own.

  6. The most effected by the tax cuts and no health care it will be the trailer trash 45 cultist who voted the dotard in .. I am black well off and retired and none of the racist policy will effect my life in anyway.. So it begs the ?? WTF will u trailer trash who voted in hate and fear mongering do when you cant pay for your health care and the high ass premiums and you cant pay taxes on your trailer trash homes and your all but dead racist grandparents cant get health care due to the high ass premiums ??? Oh I forgot the so called pill epidemic that's boning the hell out of white America Yo if you cant pay the premiums and the monthly dues you cant get treatment .. Middle class America your about to get a continued boning by the 1%

  7. things go good when the people outside the white house in HIGH PLACES with the same crooked agenda- of course the growth looks good–they make lies happen-i don't believe economy reports–done for show!!

  8. The White House and Government have been infiltrated by the confederacy. People need to start seeing these connections. All these folks proudly have the confederate flag at home and (probably) sing the Dixie song, which is the confederate national anthem. Roy Moore gave it away. All you need to do is follow the crumbs.

  9. This woman is talking nonsense, the GDP growth was a trend set by the Obama administration and is the continuation of that natural growth. The Obama administration was under 3%, because of the financial crisis set by the Bush administration. All over the world the GDP growth was lower than 3% (on average it was 0,5% to 2%), with the exception for a few countries, like China, India and some African countries. Also the job growth was already stabilizing under Obama. This is why facts matter and this is why lies matter. She is spreading fake news.

  10. Isn,t that how the Republicans drew it up in pregame? Tax breaks for them and their corporate friends, while they keep pitchforking the middle class and poor.

  11. I love how they had all these qualifiers and excuses to explain away the historically low unemployment numbers under Obama but now that it's Trump none of that matters. Creating jobs is not an issue, it's wage stagnation. That's the true problem that's what makes people feel like they're behind. Wages haven't gone up in nearly 30 years and they definitely aren't growing as quickly as CEO salaries and corporate profitability.

  12. How many, Trump, supporters have dual, American-Israeli, citizenship? Perhaps, this is, why they support him-no matter what, and do not care about, Americans.

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