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Welcome to Star Wars Sunday! Andre Black Nerd videos about the Star Wars franchise. Today, it’s a Battlefront match-up: Rey vs Darth Vader! Vader vs Rey! Who is more powerful if they were to fight each other? What did I think? What did YOU think?

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  1. Hey just wondering when you’re gonna review the punisher trailer and the new black panther trailer that dropped today?

  2. Darth Vader, he was meant to be menacing, but what many truly didn't see was just how poweful he is. Even though the prequals fuddled up his character with "mediclorians" they still had a point. He had more force flowing through him than any before. And this was INCLUDING Revan and the others from the old republic days. Rey may be incredibly strong, but unless disney desides to ruin vader's character, I don't see her ever catching up to him. Vader had no father, he was born of the force, there is a reason he was never topped by any other force user. If the rumors are true that Rey is a skywalker, then maybe, just maybe she could come close, but even luke couldn't match his father. When you read Vader's kill count, well, thats proof enough. He is unstoppable.

  3. Screw EA and their pay to win bull crap in Battlefront 2. I cancelled my pre order because there's no way in hell that I'll support a company that keeps trying to screw over its players.

  4. Rey had such a knowledge of the force…she could even prevent the we cared about from surpassing her…

  5. I say Vader because at this point in time he's more experienced but Rey might surpass him if she's trained. As always, Star Wars has a lot of continuity issues, I'm surprised the franchise is still popular, lol, Harry Potter is more consistent at this point.

  6. If only this match-up consisted of Darth Vader and, in place of Rey, Anakin Skywalker. That, at least, would have been a badass and interesting match-up. On another note, EA needs to reveal and release more Prequel characters! ?

  7. lol is this a joke? Vader absolutely fucking destroys her without any sort of effort, he's just so much more powerful with the force and so much more skilled in lightsaber combat, kylo ren is kind of a joke tbh and Vader is on a different level, just read the comics pls (the new ones, old ones ain't cannon) he slaughtered an entire army of like, hundreds of people in minutes.

  8. What if there is more than one chosen one but the spirit and potential of the chosen one are passed onto a new person once the old person dies? The old chosen one and the new are separate people, but at the same time they are the same. That way, the Force can always be in balance. It's kind of like the Avatar cycle or Link.

  9. Nice! Just got a chance to watch this, awesome and fun as always man 🙂 I'm staying away from the new trailer (I want to go into the new movie knowing nothing about it, but it's so hard XD) So I'd have to say Vader, right now!

  10. I don’t understand how you call yourself a Star Wars fan and ask this question. Darth Vader is arguably one of the most powerful Jedi/Sith Lords of all time, not to mention he’s the Chosen One.

    Rey is an overpowered Mary Sue who has zero experience with the force (yet somehow used the Jedi mind trick) and lightsaber combat.

    It’s insulting that you would even ask this question, let alone attempt to put Darth Vader on the same level as Mary “Rey” Sue. He would absolutely annihilate her without lifting a finger.

    Also, that poll you made on twitter was rigged from the start. People are more inclined to like than retweet. There’s poll formats on twitter for a reason.

  11. Vader, you say he would be afraid if Rey broke the ground? the guy lifted several AT-ST's over his head with the force, with a single hand. He is and always will be superior to Rey in force power and lightsaber combat, this is an unfair fight, match Rey with Darth Maul because then she has a chance.

    Rey doesn't have a "more powerful bond" with the force that is absurd, Anakin had the strongest bond with the force out of anyone in Star Wars, he was born from the force.

  12. Unless that Rey is part of another prophecy of being the chosen one like Vader then I don't see her winning but giving Vader a tough time. Vader will try to get her to be his apprentice, but ultimately Rey would fall to Vader power

    Rey has more raw power that can be shaped to her will, so I think of this like Galen Marek with Darth Vader and I feel like that will be the case if this two fought or met

  13. Experience and Mastery in traning and a full understanding in the both the fundamental and top level tiers of the force will ALWAYS be superior to brute raw strength and power… Darth Vader understands this concept and has had years of combat experience and mastery affinity with The Force. Rey, although very powerful is raw and untapped. Having power but not the knowledge to hone and harness it is just as fatal as any other weakness. A lack of knowledge against a foe as formidable as Darth Vader would be a death sentance for Rey. Vader has never underestimated anyone he has ever faced so the possibility of him making any critical errors against her recognized power would be very remote. Vader would exploit her lack of expereince and knowledge and use that to quickly dispatch her.
    IF Vader were arrogant and cocky like he was when he was Anakin Skywalker, then yes I fully believe Rey with her immense but un-trained and un-honed powers by sheer circumstance would defeat Anakin but as Darth Vader, at the end of the day; Wisdom, Knowledge and Experience will always overcome raw, brute strength and power. Rey would not stand a chance.

  14. Sorry rey has no chance Vader is by far more powerful than her in both the force and lightsaber combat but love your videos aundre.

  15. C'mon bruh… Vader was the best duelist in the Star Wars universe… And deeply strong in the force… Head of the Skywalker family… Please, my man's can't be defeated by some girl wit pig tales and plot armor…

  16. Vader easily. Rey has no feats that are on par with anything Vader can do, and he can do ALOT more than force choke. He has a modified force lightning, heal, can fire a force energy ball, enhance speed, rage/strength/focus, teleportation, mind control,force absorption and I mean I could go on but you get the idea. Yes Rey has untapped "potential" but without the training to know how to use it or the experience to master it, that's all it is…potential. It's the same thing with Leia, she technically was almost as strong as Luke & in the Star Wars EU does train to become a Jedi, but holds herself back because she's afraid of what damage her power could do if she let her emotions get the best of her. Later on she became more of a weapons expert training combat skills/bo-staff fighting techniques to the Jedi at Luke's school, and being more of a mentor to students showing them how to control their emotions and more positively redirect their feelings. It had nothing to do with Leia having a shortage of Force Capabilities or Anakin would never had her hidden away if she wasn't a threat,(Vader still knew & could sense Yoda & Obi-Wan were still out there & she would have been just as much a threat as Luke if she had the right teacher)just like Luke said "The Force runs strong in my family" he wasn't kidding. So sorry Vader would stomp Rey, I mean it would be ridiculous.

  17. We know currently very little about Rey's power so I have to say Vader because he's been established as one of THE MOST powerful force users EVER.

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