Rey’s Destiny – Star Wars Last Jedi Speculation- Possible Spoilers

In this video I talk about Rey.. taking a look at the trailers, having a little speculation, and referencing some things from the Force Awakens about Rey’s role in the Last Jedi and her connection with Kylo Ren and Luke. As always with these speculation videos there may contain spoilers!

What is Ren? Kylo Ren’s Name & The Knights of Ren

Kylo Ren’s Destiny

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  1. "A slow burn." Yep, that is the definition of Reylo right now. Still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a bit of romance between them in The Last Jedi.

  2. Great video! I love how up in the air it is with how they’re going to end up balancing the force and fulfilling their destinies. I do have a feeling Anakin’s force ghost will be heavily involved though.

  3. I am starting to get worried about the course of direction that this trilogy is taking and there are clues from the actors themselves. First it was Mark Hamill not liking what Luke will be doing in the Last Jedi. Now Daisy Ridley is already talking about quitting the role of Rey after the 3rd movie. We the fans were under the impression that we were going to see these new characters after this trilogy was over when the boss of Lucasfilm herself said we will see a future with Rey, Poe, Finn, and BB-8.

    Disney probably wants to create their own version of a Marvel-like universe but with Star Wars during this time line. But now with Daisy Ridley already talking about moving on with only one movie (Force Awakens) officially out. That makes me wonder if Daisy herself is worried about the direction that Rian Johnson is taking these new characters. Maybe Daisy was under the impression that she, John and Oscar were going to have a similar heroes journey to Luke, Han and Leia from what JJ Abrams brought to the table in the Force Awakens.

    She had so much joy and fun when doing press interviews with John and Oscar during Force Awakens. It was so much fun seeing the three of them promoting Force Awakens and it was magical because it brought back life to Star Wars with this new generation of heroes. And when Force Awakens opened, millions of fans enjoyed it to a tune of over 2 billion dollars world wide.

    Now we have The Last Jedi and the press interviews, the show interviews and the actors are not even together anymore for the most part. I know it's going to change with the Jimmy Kimmel's show tomorrow, but that's just one time.

    Kind of sad that Daisy wants out after the 3rd movie, especially when Kathleen Kennedy said we were going to see more of Rey, Poe, Finn and BB-8.

  4. Reylo fans be like:
    He murdered his dad while he was trying to bring him home, a school full of kids, a defenseless old man he knew and almost his uncle, you say? Works for a fascist regime who kidnaps children? Wears a dress with a hood? Why wouldn't a girl want a guy like that?

  5. I'm hopping on the snail of Reylo romance, I don't mind how slow it is haha XD
    In all seriousness though, this video was very in depth and well-done! I believe they have a force bond, share dreams and visions of each other and of the past, present and future. Also i think that's awesome how they push and pull at each other, I think Rey's journey and relationship with Kylo will bring her closer to darkness, like it will bring out her darker side, but she will have Kylo to keep her on that thin line between the dark side and the light, and vice-versa, Rey will bring out Kylo's light side and humantiy, yet will keep him just on the edge of both sides. Now i am going to watch your video on Kylo's Destiny! XD

  6. I rewatched the ep 7 fight scene today between Rey and Kylo and I’m certain now that they have some sort of bond through the force. After she opens her eyes, Rey uses the EXACT swinging saber moves that Kylo used to push her back. Except she doesn’t hold back like he did. She keep pushing and pushing until she hits him. She used his skills to defeat him.

    On another note, I don’t think we’ll see much romance in 8. We will see however the very beginnings of it. This movie will set up Kylo and Rey’s relationship so that a romance can occur.

  7. Rey is a Skywalker but from a different line. Shmi had a brother, Shmo, who sired a family of scavengers. When Yoda said "There is another…..Skywalker…" we all thought he meant Leia. Nah, it was Shmo.

  8. I watched this video, and one of your other ones about the relationship and possible romance between Kylo and Rey. I found your videos to be well thought out and you present your conclusions in a very clear and concise way, however, I completely disagree. Where you see infatuation and an attraction from Kylo Ren to Rey, I see only disdain, jealousy and malice. I don't see Kylo having any weakness for Rey at all. To me, Kylo Ren comes across as an impetuous psychopath with no real grip on who he is and the power that he possesses, nor does he desire control. He simply wants to gain power. I can't see him ever allowing himself to be romantic. He would view that as a weakness. He said that he destroyed Ben Solo because he was weak. He believed that killing Han Solo would make him stronger. There's nothing about Kylo Ren from my perspective that would make him open or emotionally available enough to be romantic with ANYBODY. For him to be evil and power hungry enough to kill his own father, yet emotional and loving enough to fall in love with Rey just seems beyond believable. It would make his character characterless, indecisive, vacillating, enervated, and irresolute.

    I could be completely wrong about Kylo Ren. I'm 46 years old, and I must admit that I am severely biased about my feelings on the matter because I remember seeing the original Star Wars movie in a movie theater when I was a kid. For people in my generation, there simply cannot be any redemption for the man who killed Han Solo. He will forever be an evil antagonist to the story. If Disney and the current group of Star Wars writers were to choose this path for Kylo Ren, I'm sure that many of the life long fan base would walk away from Star Wars because they would feel alienated. Personally, I felt that way when I saw Han Solo die in The Force Awakens before there was any on screen reunion of Han and Luke. I don't want to see any redemption for Kylo Ren. I don't want to see any romance for Kylo Ren. The only thing I want to see Kylo Ren do is die.

  9. Do people like these new movies because they're too lazy to read the EU books, because I can tell you that the books are way better than whatever these new movies are trying to be.

  10. I think Kylo and Rey are reincarnations of the first Jedi and the first Sith; they've been brought back to life by the Force to end the schism between the light and the dark side.
    Is there any case of reincarnation in Star Wars?

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