Rian Johnson Trilogy Cancelled from Star Wars The Last Jedi Backlash Rumor on HOT TOPIC

Rian Johnson Trilogy Cancelled from Star Wars The Last Jedi Backlash Rumor on Hot Topic.

The Disney Star Wars Movie Universe is a complete mess. I have completely lost faith in it and want Rian Johnson no where near a new trilogy. But what is the real story here did Disney know? Was the announcement a marketing ploy to get fans in the seats?

What a mess with episode 9 to pick up the pieces and the solo star wars story.

What do you think?

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  1. No, the downvote is for the video being incoherent clickbait. Sorry, it takes way too long to actually say anything of substance. 5 min in and not a single source listed that I can verify if this rumor even exists outside of this.

  2. "weak writing to take you into a romantic relationship"    What movie did you watch where that happened?  She started to form some type of empathy for him, seeing how things unfolded from his perspective.  There is a bond between them, related to the force due to them both being strong.  Romantic was a stretch here.    The writing of their progression as characters, and how they interact with each other was brilliant in this film.

  3. I hope they actually DO cancel his sjw nonsense trilogy of garbage that I will never pay to see or even bother to see for free.

  4. Rian Johnson is basically just an uninspired politician, failing to connect to the people, giving his own version, and providing excuses like "well we just didn't have time to include x, y, z" Yeah. Because you filled the movie with utter shit instead! Be lots of time to include good stuff if you dropped some of the shit stuff.

  5. Poor poor folks who don't carry a plot or a story-line arc to it's end. And then charge rascism or sexism if they don't like poorly constructed movies thinking a lightsabre here or a laser blast there and we should all be cheering. I noticed that Phantom Menace was on the television yesterday or the day before now that brought back some memories. As bad as it was there was a plot and a story-line arc that fit in nicely with the whole of it. Not just a person here or there. This was made by a man who was also a feminist he created solid woman characters. His daughter molded Asajj Ventress into such a great character not just some evil villian. But someone of substance that could stand on her own and stand toe to toe against Tyrranis in a duel. But also Anakin as well. Leia, Padme, Mon Mothma, Mara Jade such great characters who if they were put in the right conditions meaning storyline and plot and script they would have made billions for Disney. BILLIONS.

    But no they had to allow Kennedy to do her own trolling to make a disaster out of a great family and legacy. So much so that as of right now I hold ep. 8 as worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special.

  6. It's not been cancelled your YouTube video is FAKE NEWS . For your attention Rian Johnson Has Already Begun Work On His New Star Wars Trilogy

  7. I really hope so. Rian Johnson needs to just go direct some Friday the 13th sequels and leave Star Wars alone. Friday the 13th is more his filmmaking skill level.

  8. ¡Ryan Johnson Should Have Watched The Force Awakens & Took Note's So That He Had All The Information That He Needed For The Last Jedi So The Film Would Answer The Questions From JJ.Abram's Film!

  9. Wow maxx, looking back at this video, you have come a long way in fine tuning Your videos and how you speak. In this video, we don't even get the "maaaad Maxx!". In other words, you've come a long way!

  10. I agree with ya man, dosent matter if u liked or disliked the last Jedi, in my opinion it's just a bad movie, writing, plot holes, no one has story arc, rian just said fuck it to what jj set up in the force, all the men are written bad while the women can do no wrong or are Mary sues, or sacrifice them selves, Poe is a joke, fins story doesn't go anywhere, and Luke well let's not open that can of worms, don't get me wrong I love good female character, (good) ya enough said lol

  11. I can even go with the idea of luke saying fuck the jedi way, but it was executed way wrong, Luke is willing to try and save his father but fuck his nefew the son of his sister and best friend nope not buying it

  12. Yes, You are the only other person than me, who thinks the Rian Johnson trilogy announcement was just a way to get more people to see The Last Jedi. We have heard ZERO news about this trilogy in 5 months. That's ridiculous.

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