Ripple Is EXPLODING past Ethereum! Passing Bitcoin Within A Year?


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  1. There is nothing attractive about ripple, except for these short term gains. . Buy ripple now and get rid of it before you end up with nothing. You don't wanna gamble with bankers! Ethereum, on the other hand, is a whole different story; technology is backing it

  2. I think Ripple will be awesome in the short term,but if the banks get into trouble. Be quick to take your profits.

  3. I have a question.. why is ripple market cap so high.. but the value of ripple is so low?? I'm so confused???

  4. Hey it's been a week i am trying to get in the ripple and trying to purchase, but it's so frustrating, i did coinbase, GateHub, Bitsmap and everything, i transfered bitcoins from other sources to GateHub but nothing is showing up there in yet. I don't know how to do this yet ? it is causing me to spend more money than i should, can you please give me some guidance ??? I would like to straight forward purchase some ripples. Thanks

  5. are you aware that the circulating supply of ripple is about 2400 times the amount of bitcoin? think with that. we would need 383'058'738'000 market cap to get the ripple to 1000 dollars.

  6. Ripple marketcap is being manipulated by its owners, Ripple Labs and the banks.
    Thousands of people speculating on a cryptocurrency that the only thing it shares with Bitcoin is that it has a blockchain.
    It's only a matter of time to see this scam fall apart and as usual a few will get rich while other ignorant greedy people will lose the money they invested in this financial instrument.


  8. It's a Post-Modern Gold Rush!!!! Eventually, Ripple XRP is going to be the Super-Digital Currency of the World!!! To The Moon!!!! I have two friends who are now millionaires. More to come!!!! Very Exciting!!!!

  9. I know nothing about Ripple but from what I hear – it's the Bankers version of Bitcoin.
    If so – then you must believe that it's the BANKERS who are pushing it higher – so that people do EXACTLY what you said at 2:20. The Bankers want EVERYONE to embrace it so that they can REGAIN CONTROL of ALL MONEY. The ONLY way they can do that is by getting people to EMBRACE their Cryptocurrency. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE BANKERS!

  10. Adwazo company Mai business karane ke liye whatup kare mo 8209273487,,, ye company USA ki h or aap net par bhi jach kar sakte h it is a great job and earn more money aap youtube par video dekh sakte h

  11. i need ask one question

    what is the expected price of ripple in the end of this year

    and what is the expected price of ripple in 2018 &2019

  12. Heroin addict going through withdrawals. Desperate for a fix. BTC Address 14FESwB6VnAhAmRsTmLpxhmULa9rhjkRJa

  13. I would like to have your thinking. What do you think about Toyota joining Ethereum, and the declining of XRP on the market cap ? It is a bad sign for Ripple ?

  14. 33% drop since this was recorded a mere 2 1/2 months ago… Seems legit… 😛
    Also, if it IS 2017, putting "helping since 2017" won't really have the impact you're looking for, I believe… All that adds is proof of your inexperience? Why not leave that off until you've been around a while? If you'll be around a while?

  15. treat is like this.
    Banks (parents) Decentralize cryptocurrency (teenager)
    one day your parents gonna catch u out hiding weed under your bed!
    we hate out parents (banks) but they still feed us, clothe us, shelter us..

    Heres two things you should do (i think)

    Ride the wave of grouth (staying with ur parents till ur old enough) then sell

    u know what im saying?

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