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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. There's no way in hell I'm going to watch this movie in the theater. I still haven't seen TLJ. I await your review.

  2. I feel like Force Awakens and Last Jedi were written by the same person that wrote Twilight. Did anyone else get that feeling?

  3. I have never met anybody in real life who grins like that nancy boy there.. Thank fuck!

    I hate that prick Colbert too.. He makes me physically ill.

  4. It must be so much fun to spend your time making highly shitty videos. Oops! Soyler alert! Now I’ll call that a pun. Stick to pro artisting. Or pro banjoing. Anything but pro punning. Now for my soy latte. Good day.

  5. This channel is horrible, you insult a bunch of people and make yourself seem superior by doing it. You must have some pretty low self esteem

  6. I waited until I could find a used copy that someone received as a gift and put it on Ebay for sale so no money went from me to the Disney – Kennedy fiasco that thinks they know Star Wars. What a bunch of garbage had to get it to actually see what everyone else was saying as I had so many telling me I had no legs to stand on because I hadn't actually seen it myself. Howard on Colbert what a shill.

  7. Yes, the only way to save the Star Wars franchise is to clear house and get rid of Kathleen Kennedy and the people that are managing the Story Group and get some people in there that have the drive and understanding of what the Star Wars universe is truly about. (a sci-fi/mythological space opera)

    Now, my theory–and I will probably be stoned to death and be told that I'm an idiot for this–is that George Lucas has masterminded this whole thing. He helped put Kathleen Kennedy, who does have a history with Lucas, in her position.

    Lucas created Star Wars and the Original Trilogy, arguably some of the best movies in cinematic history. He gets all the praise for them and is considered a genius for heading the films, despite the teams of behind-the-scenes professionals that truly made the movies shine. Twenty years later, Lucas re-edited the Original Trilogy over and over again–something reviled by fans but ignored by Lucas himself. Then, the Prequels are released. Fans hungry for new Star Wars content loved them at release, but the Prequels aged very poorly due to bad execution and poor casting choices. Consequently, fans started looking at Lucas as both the creator and the "man who ruined Star Wars."

    Lucas, no longer a living god to the fandom, distanced himself from the franchise and sold it off to Disney, a company that he referred to as "white slavers". He then pulls a Palpatine by putting his little double agent (Kathleen Kennedy) into a leadership position to bolster fan opinion through connections to multiple blockbusters. Disney and, by extension, Kennedy, turned their nose up at Lucas's treatments for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. The fans felt this was a "new hope" as the Prequels lacked the heart of the Original Trilogy, despite the fact that Lucas had unprecedented control of the movies.

    Not only that, Lucas still retains some degree of creative control (as can be seen with his frequent visits to the set of The Last Jedi). If not officially, then unofficially, his word weighs heavy on the people in charge of creative design and direction. Lucas benefited by gaining a position on the Disney Board of Directors and was paid partially in Disney stock. As a result, the wider market of Disney products cushions him even if Star Wars undergoes catastrophic failure.

    Disney dangled the original cast', practical effects, and J.J. Abrams before the fandom to make us feel that they were returning to Star Wars' roots. However, The Force Awakens was still a remix of A New Hope. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released with lackluster writing featuring poor character development and forced Vader/Tarkin content with extremely bad CGI. It still had the fans in hopes that Disney was still trying to go in the right direction. They even mirrored the successful Marvel franchise with the release calendar–anthology films about Kenobi, Fett, Solo, etc… Most of these are still in development hell or have been cancelled. Since we, the fans, didn't go along with their Master Plan, we have become villains to the Disney development crews…also making Lucas look good because he didn't react so harshly to criticisms about the Prequels.

    Honestly, I think that Lucas planned the whole thing (see the galaxy far, far away burn in Disney's hands), paid Kathleen Kennedy to make the franchise tank, and started working on this well before The Last Jedi. Between The Last Jedi and issues with Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans have started to view the Prequels–and Lucas–in a better light and have started petitioning to get George back in charge of the franchise.

    Again, I feel that Lucas set this up to make the fandom feel that, without him at the helm, that Star Wars will be worse off and all along, he's been pulling Kathleen Kennedy's strings to make this happen.

    TL;DR : Lucas hates how he's looked at for butchering the Original Trilogy and was pretty much a one-man show (writer/director/producer) for the Prequels, able to tell people "it's my way or the highway." Lucas then sees an avenue to bring his name back to glory whenever people talk about Star Wars. He does this by setting up Kathleen Kennedy as his Agent of Doom, allowing Disney and Lucasfilms to ruin the Star Wars formula a little bit at a time to the point that its unpalatable–and has turned against the fans, saying that they're the bad guys. The fandom looks back and sees that Lucas's work with the Prequels was much better than what we're getting now from Disney/Lucasfilms. Lucas is back to being the God of Star Wars.

    The only way to make Star Wars great again is to boycott everything Star Wars. Disney does not like losing money, and they'll start realizing they need to fix the issues. Hit Disney/Lucasfilms where it hurts–the bank account.


  8. Soy Eisley Spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of whiners and professional victims. We must be cautious.

  9. Anyone who hates Steven Colbert and wants to protect Ron Howard's balls, big as they are, from Disney's grinder has definitely got my subscription! Ron should have hired you as a consultant before taking that job!

  10. Why if they want women to be in powerful positions don't you see women as the film crew. The camerawoman, director, soundwoman, and female producers. Funny how you need a who crew of men to get your point out. Sad times.

  11. yeah everybody please listen and boycott this piece of shit this goes against the entire Spirit of Star Wars at his old school people know it is a God damn shame what has happened to Star wars… vote with your money do not go see those colossal piece of shit do not go do not go do not go

  12. ComicArtistPro Secrets Getting fed up with your devisive and frankly ludicrous comments when using the word soy. I gather you mean soya. Do you actually think vegans and vegetarians have something to do with the downfall of Star Wars? Not all SJW's are vegan/vagueaterian. Grow up. I guess you will just delete this comment.

  13. Men do exist. We just are not heard anymore. All the media attention is directed towards the New Age Man…wusses of the old days.

  14. Thanks to Di$ney's episode VIII "The Lame Jedi", this will be the first Star Wars that I will not see at the theater. 😔

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