Royal Wedding: Astrologist predicts unexpected surprise for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

WITH the Royal Wedding fast approaching, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could be set for an “unexpected surprise” ahead of their big day, an unusual source has claimed.

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Written by frances

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  1. Shut up you are all jealous of Megan's marrying a Prince. Most of you who are commenting are having discrimination coz of her background

  2. It all depends how the respective astrologer interprets the charts. There are good and bad astrologers around, so I would treat any interpretations with a pinch of salt!✨✨

  3. wish them well….but something about her just doesnt ring true….however hope they have a bright future.

  4. I wish them a beautiful long life together. Stop the hate KARMA IS ALWAYS AROUND BECAREFUL ALL YOU HATERS TALKING CRAP ALREADY

  5. I think many are just jealous about Megan marrying prince Harry at her age….but there is something special about her even at 11yrs of age after she changed a dish washer liquid commercial ardvert…she was special from her birth and her and Prince Harry looks like a perfect match..sometimes she puts me off while she is all over him in front of media cameras as if someone is out to snatch Prince Harry out of her hands…which don't make sense most of the time…its not wise to be all over your man in front of press cause you don't know what future holds for you… Men can be in love today and walk away tomorrow… If you form a habit of getting all over them and then they walk away from the marriage with a new babe then you will be set to solve a serious jigsaw puzzle for yourself on your own…but I have a feeling their marriage will last… They both look strong for each other unless evil people destroys that marriage behind their back yes

  6. U can be assured queen knows plenty about her . investigation on her background checks an had to sign a prenuptial type he can Mary who he wants is what his mom had said .

  7. Ok. I'm confused. I dont want to get all off into all this. But i am confused about one thing. I thought i heard that Meghan was pregnant and was due in April. And the wedding would be in May? after the baby was born? Was it just lies? propaganda? Whats happening?
    do I even want to know?

  8. I don't believe a word of it. I suspect this channel is just making mischief by hinting she is already pregnant. I doubt whether there ever was an astronomer consulted.

  9. Of course there may be a pregnancy soon she will be 37 Years in August, her productive clock is running out

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