Royal Wedding FULL ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Watch the full royal wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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  1. Don’t need to hear any talk.. just would really love to watch it .. save the comments for later.

  2. Who was the male commentator here? He witnessed Bishop Curry talk about slavery, MLK, and the redemptive power of love in front of a colonial monarch and all he could think about was the length of the sermon? I feel sorry for a man who cannot comprehend the significance of what he witnessed.

  3. I think they are strange fake people. On the one hand they pretend to be very social and wanting to help other people. On the other hand they spend millions on their intimate parties with the rich and famous. I just don't like them.

  4. Why she is wearing the veil??? She was married and this is not right for remarried woman to wear the veil…

  5. His future children, being biracial, will identify with their black ancestors as all biracials do, and that part of the family will quickly go black again.

  6. Y bueeee….se casaron viva DORIA madre de Megan tan recatada tan sumisa tierna emocionada ese amor tan puro la única a Reina

  7. I did not care for Meghan's dress. It was simple but as stated elsewhere it needed another fitting. My first intuition is that the marriage won't last more than a few years. Meghan is the type of woman most men look for in a relationship, however Meghan's lifestyle she is accustomed to might clash with the lifestyle she is taking on. The fact she did not invite her immediate family has me wondering if she is the type of person to take on the responsibilities of raising a family. Does she value family as most of us? If there is a rift, where is the forgiveness? If there is a rift, what better way to mend it by inviting them to celebrate in this special day.
    The way Meghan ended her first marriage, does she not put a value on marriage as priceless? I know of some women who looked at marriage as a way to party and when the party ended so did the marriage. I hope this is not the case here.

  8. There is no possible way that after what I heard the Minister proclaim in the Name of Jesus Christ and also him quoting the Trinity and working of the Holy Spirit that they could have anything to do with the Illuminati. God Bless the Royal Family.

  9. I'm gonna be honest…the lady who is getting married (sorry but I don't know her name) is not beautiful

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