Russia’s Great Leap Forward: Medvedev Points Out Staggering Improvement in Country Over 6 Years

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Today, the Kremlin announced the date of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration. It is scheduled for May 7. According to the Constitution, the government will be dissolved on the same day to form a new Cabinet of Ministers. Also, Dmitry Medvedev presented the current Government performance report to the State Duma. The head of state spent 3.5 hours talking to the MPs.

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  1. 580'132.79 Rubel in one month so what is better in Russia nothing you are jewish liars go back to hell fucking jews

  2. The world needs a strong Russia. The unity of Russian people and upholding moral and family values made Russiya a great nation!

  3. As an European citizen I sincerely hope that we can do away with the US cattle herd currently in power in our countries and restore profitable relations with the Russian Federation. The first main obstacle, Britain, is on its way out and the USA will be next. We need Russian energy and mineral imports like oil, gas, titanium etc. without any hindrance from external aggressors like the USA and we need Russian markets for export of our products. And we have no need for NATO.

  4. Russia is led by war mongering evil murderous corrupt dictator Putin who is obviously a psychopath. Poor old Russia the world laughs at your stupidity and lies. It's time to grow up.

  5. Оставайтесь стойкими и упругими, уважаемыми российскими людьми!
    Ostavaytes' stoykimi i uprugimi, uvazhayemymi rossiyskimi lyud'mi!

    Remain steadfast and resilient, dear Russian People!

  6. The greatest improvement would be to see the fall of the U.S. Empire.
    Can you imagine no more support for criminals, nazis, and terrorists.
    It would be a new golden age.
    U.S. spent $6trillion on wars since 2001, a manned Mars mission would cost only $400billion, let that sink in for a minute.
    Universal healthcare would cost $800billion…

  7. Best country, best people, best president, best army, best morality, in the world right now. The world needs Russia's leadership, the US empire and the globalists are out, cheers for tradition, religion, family, and country. We want a united world of nations. A diverse world where everyone is respected at their own level. We don't want bullies like Soros who want to impose their views on others without their consent, who lie and trick people to get into power and remain there. We don't want media propaganda and lies. And to be honest, it is time for Jews to smarten up and to stop thinking the world belongs to them. They shit and piss like everyone else and we don't want to be enslaved by them and their stupid revolutionary ideologies.

  8. Yea You killed polish president and 95 generals and parlament members who went to Katyn where soviets murdered 40 000 polish officers. Great great russia indeed. Try to poison Stripenko, murdered Litvinienko and You think war started in 1941. Do I need to mention anexxation of Crimea (breaking international law) and war in Donbas. U oppresed Poland for 123 years as You took over our independence. Russia is sinking economically. Good. Bye bye evil empire

  9. I wished we have such a unity here in germany…maybe with russia's help and initiative….Yes Russia is great and always will be ♥

  10. Dmitry Medvedev was a good Prime Minister, I would be happy if would be allowed to stay on. However even I feel the cabinet must be more aggressive in its aim to develop Russia. Slava Rossii!

  11. Fantastic video shows better behaved lawmakers and the progress made. My appreciation to the PM Medvedev for his relentless work behind the scenes, best wishes! 👍

  12. If there is no Russia, we are all going to be slaves to the global government. This is a fact and not an opinion.

  13. The Russians are so outspoken when presenting a criticism to their PM. That means Russia has better democracy than the west.

  14. Russia's stableness of power and never changing the president for 20 years just shows that it has better democracy. If politicians can just shout at the PM when having a different opinion like in the video, why contest for presidency? That's why Russia's democracy is better.

  15. Actually Russia is slowly declining ,the Russian population is dramatically falling ,massive problems with alchoholism, a rising Muslim population ,and a very weak economy , the uk economy is 6th it was fifth last year, the Russian economy isn't even In the top ten ! Putin has failed to diversify the Russian economy and it relies too much on oil ,gas and weapons ! And if the russian people believe that it's all done in Syria like they are lead to believe ,they need to think again, Russia is up to its kneck in Syria ,and isn't getting anywhere in Ukraine . I wish the Russian people peace they deserve it and they deserve better than putin ! Putin is pulling the wool over the eyes of the Russian people in the same way hitler fooled the germans in the 1930s and they deserve better !

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