Sam Smith RIDICULED For First Gay Oscar Winner Remark

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Sam Smith is getting slammed for proclaiming he was the first gay man to ever win an Oscar.

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Written by frances

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  1. All this shit is so tiring for me and the fucking fandom. I'm tired of worrying if he is gonna be sad. I'm tired of constantly arguing with people saying no matter what he is a person. I really think everyone's just trying to make him look bad.

  2. CONGRATULATION Sam , but you were not the first gay man  who received an Oscar , so  you didn't make history.

  3. Why? by What? Huh? What?! You!!! There so it's We Jereunadacenloveied to Sam Smith is Gay as Love?!
    ….Huh? Yes??? Omg??? I so Liked?!….???

  4. he did say "if this is true" meaning he knew there was a margin of error to what he was saying lol people are to hot-headed

  5. do your research before making bold claims !!! he shouldn't have said it if he can't deal with the backlash…

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