#SaveTheOldCityTripoli: Libyan photographer launches campaign to save country’s heritage

The capital of Libya is in danger of losing its historic heritage. Due to the current instability in the country, Tripoli’s ancient sites have been neglected and left out in the open. A photographer from the city has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness.


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  1. Well done usa and uk. Just go on fucking everything up. You don't want to think the world ain't watching you we are and we the people have long memorys and we have all had enough of the destruction of everything even ower cultures in the west

  2. One of the American democracy outcome… Hail America 😑… Libya today are more democracy and successful country…

  3. All of these ancient sites were built before islam turned Libya into what it has become – a nation perpetually caught in the 7th Century thanks to a totalitarian death cult.

  4. Indirectly he is saying save roman pagan historic buildings. These lunatics western Europeans are hypocrites. It's okay for them to bomb civilians in tripoli. But soon as some of their roman building gets damaged, they become hysterical and outraged. No wonder they are people of the hell. God will punish these evil people In after life.

  5. I am Libyan and I can confirm Gaddafi was not a dictator, he was a father for us Libyans a fellow humanist a man of wisdom a man of God , a guardian angel for the oppressed, exploited and poor around the world. He believes in peoples right to freedom and self determination. He is the true defenition of a WORLD leader. He speaks the truth, he is brave and smart. He worked his whole life for the betterment of humanity and the Libyan people. At the end of the day he slept on the floor most days in his tent. He didnt have much. Do not let his fancy clothing and women body guards fool you. This did not symbolize riches but symbolized the support for Africa and for womens rights and equality. Gaddafi worked against the NWO and the Rothschilds and every other satanic movement family and group through through "soft power" with the backing and support of all of us the Libyan people. We never had no regime or dictatorship. We had the worlds most democratic system called a Jamahiriya translated as "State of the Masses". Resources and Power were in our hands. We had the best life and most true freedom and democracy, free healthcare education best standards of living complete peace harmony and freedom and prosperity. To keep a long story short NATO/US and the NWO powers funded armed and organized terrorists from all over the world to attack us then these terrorists attacked all the jails freeing every single criminal to destroy us. Then NATO invaded and bombed our people and infrastructure until terrorists and criminals took over. During this time 90% of Libyans were in support of Gaddafi and not the terrorist rebels. The media lied to the world and continue to lie. 90% of us still support Gaddafi until this day and not any of the 3 puppet western saudi turkish qatari backed governments. We have 144 tons of gold and silver to start a african golden dinar, and destroy paper evil. He also started a world Islamic call society spreading true Islam to counter Saudi Wahhabism terrorism that the west allies with in Libya and now in  Syria. Gaddafi respected all Abrahamic religion and always called for and worked for unity. If you would like to get the best understanding about our democracy please read his "Green Book" its very short and wont take long. We the Libyan people controlled our central bank and before ISIS ALQAEDA US AND NATO took over it used to say on our central bank building "power wealth and resources are in the hands of the people" when the west and terrorists took over they removed this carved into our central bank. but we will all be victorious soon and this cycle of US "regime change"  and NATO terrorism will be reversed in Libya and Syria…God bless..Also with regards to the so called "political agreement" The house of representatives and government of national accord and the militias who are funded by both are all proxy governments and militias supported supplied financed through the western and gulf arab nations. None of it is representative of the Libyan society or supportive of it. Both are infact dictatorships installed by NATO/Arab gulf countries used to continue the conspiracy against Libya and maintain their hold of foreign occupation whether it be on the actual ground or through economic/social means. The only choice is like I said earlier. The world must cease their bullshit come to their senses and understand that first: Libyans accept none of the proxy governments or any foreign proxy militias and second: They will never impose control on our country and people through them. Third: Work with Gaddafis son and the Libyan tribes to restore our "Jamahiriya democratic system" and the green flag instead of trying so hard to prevent it through financing, arming, supporting proxy governments and militias, terrorists, and tribes.

  6. Me hear President Trump gonna Liberate Libya and give it back to the Christian and Jewish people as was written in stone before began timing began !

  7. Amazing how you have a 'dictator' removed and then the Mohammedans would rather start fighting each other than cooperate. #religionofpeace

    Almost seems like the only way to have a stable Islamic country is through violent oppression.

  8. Leftists/ Marxists & Jews would be proud of destroying other countries history and heritage and rewrite the future according to their views.
    And of course f*cking puppets Hillary & Obama for staring this madness.

  9. Libya was the most successful & Historically rich Country,They treated their People with dignity & Looked after them,Until Britain France & the U.S decided to Bomb the Crap out of it destroying everything & Looting Libya's Gold & heritage,All based on NATO lies & U.N complicity..Today it looks just like Iraq Syria & Afghanistan,Yemen & Palestine..Course They did the same there too!!

  10. Oh, you mean Niggers and Arab shitskins can't persevere things? Wow, Who would have guessed that? I mean every country they have is just beautiful and the countries they immigrant to only get better. Geez I just don't understand.

  11. just tell mudslimes to stop mudsliming ancient sites and it will stop. Despite how much I dislike Hillary and Barry, you can't blame them for mudslimes mudsliming. It's like blaming a dog for barking, or a tick for sucking blood, or a roach for being Turkish.

  12. OH ~ Surely a MUST! Beauty, Craftsmanship, Stories, ~ you DON'T see much – WHY?!!
    This holds Higher Rank than modern cities. Just Because ~ *

  13. That retard half black race pimp US President Barack Obama and his evil debauched the US Democratic Party brothel´s prostitute madam, Hillary Clinton, destroyed Libya together! Then Britannia and France and even Sweden etc. the USA´s international policy prostitute vasal states did help them at their evil work. Before during the Muamar Gaddafi´s green socialism dictatorship Libya was a stabile Northern African welfare state with quite high common living standard compared to neighbour countries and the African countries commonly. They tried do destroy Syria and bring chaos Syria too with the help of extreme conservative Wahhabi Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia, connected so many time to international extreme Sunni terrorism, but they did fail epic way because the Iranian and the Russian support to the Syrian religiously liberal Alawite Shia Muslim Government. Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland! 🙂

  14. RT could you do a documentary show with this photographer? Let the world see her world before NATO illegally attacked and her world today.

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