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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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  1. Protect the common investor? LOL
    SEC only let accredited investors to participate in ICOs or any security because they have the money and therefor later they can dump on the common investor. So they aren't protecting jack shit. They are just giving more power to the rich so they control the markets. These are the real pump and dumpers and scammers.

  2. The banks are the biggest crooks. Jp Morgan charges cash advances on credit cards for btc or alt coins. They say it is not a safe investment and then then JP Morgan invests 150 million in block chain tech. 😂😂😂

  3. investors are responsible for protecting themselves… since when is the government responsible for my bad decisions with MY money! Make laws and arrest those that break them, but don't make laws so that only the rich can make lots of money! They just want to keep us poor.

  4. Lol the SEC just wants to regulate the crypto market. Let me worry about what I do with MY money, unless you want to be my suga daddy from now on.

  5. We agree with GS that Bitcoin is not a fraud. To some extent cryptocurrencies comprise an asset class different from any that has ever existed before. GS and their clients appear to be applying Modern Portfolio Theory and the Capital Asset Pricing Model, which says that the most efficient portfolio is one that includes all possible invest-able assets. Current portfolio theory textbooks, now indicate that all invest-able assets should include collectibles, art, real estate, bullion etc. A consensus among those in the financial theory community that cryptocurrencies are an asset class that makes a portfolio more efficient, could provide a boost to cryptocurrencies. A thing to keep an eye on is whether other major financial market participants follow GS with regard to the cryptocurrencies.

    Despite claims by some, we have not seen any methodology which can be used to arrive at an intrinsic value for a cryptocurrency. This is certainly an impediment to cryptocurrency achieving the status of an asset class that would routinely be included in well diversified portfolios. The next major event in the cryptocurrency space will likely be the integration with cryptocurrencies by state and local governments. This will involve quasi-legal tender status being obtained by some cryptocurrencies, in that under some circumstances, cryptocurrencies could be used to satisfy obligations to state and local governments. It is not clear if this will provide a boost for the entire cryptocurrency space or result in distinct winners and losers among the cryptocurrencies. In order to integrate with the public finance issuers, cryptocurrencies will have to provide financial incentives to the cash-hungry state and local governments. The winners and losers among the cryptocurrencies may, in a large part, depend on which particular have the ability, willingness or political connections to be among the earliest to achieve quasi-legal tender status via integration with state and local governments. …"

  6. If bitcoin is a currency then the IRS must start treating bitcoin investing like currency investing and trading. Did the IRS get the memo?

  7. What makes me laugh is you have been waffling on about the rise of currencies for months. Nothing has happened or will do. CC's are a scam, wake up people.

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  9. The SEC Chairman just ruled today that XRP is a security along with other ICO’s… XRP will not be added to CoinBase anytime soon

  10. Good. most of these sh!tcoins need to die. A lot of these 'tokens' were really just ways to raise funds for a startup and did not need their own currency. However, the market should be free, the winners will prevail.

  11. how about they regulate the banks that almost destroyed the world economy, oh yea you guys work for them, or get paid off by them. oops.. basically a regulatory agency that comes to fuck everyday poor retail investors and let the super rich trade how they please and get away with murder. Thanks

  12. Ico's are a investment for the retail investor and they don't like that it's giving the little guy like me financial freedom it's only for the rich arseholes to make a killing like you can in a smart ico investment

  13. When will regulations finally be over and done with anyone know the actual time line for fuck sake they are just stalling till the end of the year so they can say " oh look what our regulations have done to increase the value of the space" I love that Asian lady no Asian lady man I want to roger her clam

  14. wtf so the SEC is like a market regulator ? no pumps and dumps ? no free market? wow this is like communism. a bunch of losers.

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  16. I go crypto all day long to avoid QE unlimited crooks
    Who won too control it all
    F* ck them all on mine strum globalist media 😂😂😂😂
    This guy make me but more cryptos but I gonna get btc and the Chinese ISO’s 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    F…. criminals

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