Secret NEW Star Wars Movie REVEALED – Star Wars News

There is a new Star Wars movie that we had no idea was happening and that was immediately canceled, lets talk about it.

Making Star Wars:

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  1. Disney, just give me an Obi-Wan movie starting Ewan McGregor, then get Dennis Lawson and give me some Rigue Squadron!

    My favorite is the Anakin blue lightsaber.

  2. I miss the creature feature feel from 4-6. the sarlacc pit, dianoga, wampas, rancor, sand people.
    there is an erie factor to these creatures and characters I dearly miss while watching the newer films. i'm not saying they should bring them all back, but it would be great if they designed more creatures within the same vein.

  3. Honestly, I’m glad they scraped this one. I can live without Mos Eisely: A Star Wars Story. I’m all for experimenting but if I want to see a slice of life Star Wars movie . . . there’s always the Holiday Special.

    Dooku’s lightsaber please.

  4. You used to be a quality star wars channel, now you just use clickbait and a scam of a force fx lightsaber giveaway to get more views, likes, and subs. I don't respect people who take advantage of their viewers like that. I've been subbed to you for a long time now, but I think it's time I unsubscribe.

  5. Done and Done.

    Luke Skywalker- Green Lightsaber PLEASE!

    Its a cool design

    P.s. First time commentator- I love your vids, great news!

  6. How in the world can you think a movie about Mos Eisley would be boring? The place harbors bounty hunters, killers, rebels, stormtroopers, smugglers and just overall scum with blasters. I would love to see a movie about that. In fact, I'd take a movie either there or even centered around Maz Kanata's castle on Takodona where the same people tend to hang. You can never go wrong if the setting is a bar or pub type place where drinks are constantly being served and you have everything from bounty hunters to spies in the same room. I will always vote for drinks, spaceships, aliens and a good blaster by my side.

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