Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Sex education varies widely between school districts, leaving many teens without comprehensive information. We made a video that covers what some schools are too embarrassed to teach.

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  1. I have already forwarded it to my nephew and nieces.. to my sister to forward it further..
    I'm so happy to took this important topic and discuss it with such humor.. good job.

  2. If it's any relief to you Americans, this topic is not much better in Europe either. Here in Hungary for example, kids usually have two separate sets of sex ed class. One in 5th grade at age 11, and one in the third year of highschool at age 17. Now, there isnt any regulation on this, but the unspoken rule everyone seems to follow is that the first deals with sex from a personal and practical point of view, like what is acceptable and what isnt, and the lstter deals with the biology.

    Yes, we are teaching 11 year olds how to stick their dick inside eachother even though they are objectively WAAAAAY too young for that, and teach biology to people, 80% of whom are not virgins at that point!
    And in the meantime, stuff like consent or contraceptives are left unmentioned. Its like they are trying to scare the kids into not having sex with the possibility of STD's or pregnancy, but give us barely any advice on how to fucking avoid those.

  3. I live in Germany and had Sex Ed in 4th, 5th and 8th grade.
    In 4th we learned where babies come from and how they develope, in 5th we learned about periods and detailled anatomy and what puberty changes and in 8th we could choose some topics, like homosexuality or relationships, but we also learned about contraception and domestic abuse and consent, which was really great, but also about body positivity and eating disorders, which I know thinking back really love, because it is very important. We also did the hormonal stuff, like how does a menstruational cycle work and how do the hormones change.
    We were divided into girls and boys, which on one side is good because it may make you ask question you wouldn't have if boys were around, but it also made me as a girl never learn how to put a condom on, just the boys learned it. I had to google it and just teach it myself. We also did not learn the details of birth control, just "there are these ones, use condoms to protect from STIs". But not the advantages and disadvantages of hormonal contraception, for me that's fine since I really wanted to learn all of that, but for some it may not be. I also did not know that female condoms existed.
    In 10/11th grade (depends one the year you are in) our school did a presentation about STIs. There was a guy from university who studied like sexual health and he told us about all the different kinds of STIs and how they look like on an infected genital, but he warned ous when the picture came so if we did not want to look we didn't have to, which was great! He also told us about being gay or trans or like everything not heterosexual and that it was totally okay and even told a story of a real boy who was gay and commited suicide because he didn't talk to his friends. We also learned a lot about how HIV works and how it is treated and how to test yourself. And we learned about consent and sexual positivity once more ("If someone tells you you look weird down there, just say: My vulva is beautiful and unique! (or: My penis is beautiful and unique!) and when a condom does not work, which is really important because I think a lot of people do not know that oil-based lubricant can make it stop working!
    So I think I got quite a good sexual education here in Germany, but there are still things to be improved.

  4. those are probably conservative states, I grew up in LA. We had sex education starting 8th grade. Once a week for a period Planned Parenthood would come in & give us a lesson.

  5. My 9 year old asked why his friends dad was happy about having strong swimmers. I was speechless but I knew it was time we (by we I mean his dad would tell him the boy stuff and I'd tell him the girl stuff) the second part of "the talk", we did and he decided that all of the kids in his class needed to know everything we talked about. Over the following week we got some very angry phone calls from parents and some from other parents who thought this was beyond hilarious. At the end of the day, all of the kids in his class are on the same page with sex ed.

  6. So this is just something I was thinking about, if men say they have about 6 sexual partners en women say they have 4 and this is the avarage that means that there are either a lot more females then males in the US or my prediction: men and women lie about it. Can anyone explain to me if I'm wrong and if so where did I go wrong?

  7. Kids need to learn about human anatomy, sexual health, and how the reproduction system works. Women who have sex are not evil or less of a person. Neither are men. If they choose to have sex they need to know what the risks are, and how to protect themselves. If they don't even know how pregnancy works how can they avoid it? Giving them accurate information will lower the teen pregnancy rate, abortion rate, and the rate of STD spreading.

  8. What drove me nuts about sex ed was a lot of it for me was very anatomical. Like, this is a penis; it comes with testicles, scrotum, shaft, etc. And women have a vagina, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, etc. Then sperm comes guys, eggs from girls. But I never was explained how the actual act worked, how babies were made. I kept getting “when a a man and a woman love each other …” truly didn’t understood how sex worked and how babies were made until I was 15. I was so embarrassed I never wanted to admit that it took me so long. Plus, I was sexually molested at 13 with such little knowledge of what was happening it really messed me up. I would up having sex at least 17 and was so not ready for it. I wasn’t forced, it was as good as two inexperienced teenagers could pull off, I just felt so lost and confused and no one to talk to. The only good thing that came from that was the guy I lost my virginity to wound up becoming my husband 13 years later (after we broke up for some time and found each other again as adults). I plan to have the talk I never had with my stepdaughter so she doesn’t walk around as confused as I was for way too long.

  9. I've lived in both Texas and Arizona. Arizona does not require sex ed, and I therefore went through my entire high school career without it. Luckily, Texas starts sex ed in 7th grade, so I had some background knowledge. My friends and I all had good parents who explained things to us, and we were able to openly discuss things with each other. Because of that, none of us got pregnant or contracted any STDs. However, there were many kids at my school who did not have that support net that mg friends and I had, and I know that a lot of problems for a lot of people would have been solved if only the state had mandated a sex ed program.

  10. The first video you showed, video B is the one I got shown. It was decently informative but it still focused on abstinence more than anything. Personally, your video is better than most others I've seen.

  11. Funny thing is, the reference to high school football teams in Ohio that would know different versions of sex ed, that newscast is from Fox 19 in Cincinnati Ohio, there is actually a Middletown High School outside of Cincy and Lakewood in the Cleveland area….

  12. "programs like hers are so relentlessly anti sex, you could easily come away thinking the adult world is just an endless barrage of unwanted dicks"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 comedy gold!!!!

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