Shooting at South Florida high school | ABC News Special Report

Police respond to report of shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida.

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Written by frances

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  1. ..and let's see the footage of the three man throwing a case in the back of the white pick up truck. Didn't bring out dying children but they secretly bring a black case and spiltsville. I am sure they would say they found the case Nicholas was carrying not knowing they need to leave it untouched for forensic criminal investigation purposes. They have all these drills yet fail so many crucial protocols!!!

  2. How unbelievably tragic. It looks like there is another shooting in Texas this morning also. I hope this doesn’t diminish the reporting regarding the findings on Anthony Weiner‘s laptop. Also unsealed. Regardless something has to be done.

  3. So some fcking asshole gets bent out of shape over people speaking Spanish, while there are real world issues going on in our high schools. This is INDEED the land of the inverted.

  4. Time to take bullying seriously if this is the case and cause of the shooting…. And deal with it harshly…. Enough!!!! 😞 Prayers to the family that lost a love one and injured…. 😟

  5. America need to implement gun ban. Its almost every month happen mass shooting in Innocent people. Tortured the suspects til they died. God bless america.

  6. When is the, "We need to do this, and we need to do that" speech gonna end? If gun control isn't the answer, secure our schools.. if that isn't the answer someone please find one. We should not step into our schools and have to fear for our lives. We need to stand together and seek change. What will it take for their to make a change? Who's child must die?

    -Sincerely, a concerned student, a future parent

  7. My Poem, The Tyrannies of Society_____________

    See at hospitals, nursing homes and clinics
    Crowds of people, patients see docs, test things
    With squirm as the white cloths
    Prick and draw bloods from their veins,
    Suddenly mind interacts with Monsanto,
    Various other poisonous chemical practices
    Like Hecate_ the creator of all harms,
    And the heavy industries as Empusae_
    The monsters of all forms terrify all travellers:
    Man along with all creatures,
    The transient entities on earth
    But we humans expect hope for better.
    Science must walk arm to arm
    With true faith of religion, and
    Think thrice before it is questioned about.

    The naked eyes unaware of deadly
    Viruses and fungi causing fatal diseases
    Like the opening of Pandora’s Box
    That have continually been agonizing the beauty,
    Punctuating man’s graces of daily performances
    Leading lives in tragedy_
    A mother cries for the loss of her beloved child.
    The diseases are there, in harmony with nature,
    But man is the selfish brute brunt,
    And the deadliest disease itself, of all.

    Money and material goods: the offspring of labours,
    The appendage, like slough that greed harassed,
    Fatigued the charm of the human body
    It has lacerated, envied, got into loneliness
    For years, to those two sweet streams of spring
    That obliged them to turn apart,
    Strain and stress heightened,
    Dreams shattered one after another,
    Lives turned dismally bad.
    It must be earned wisely
    And used properly and timely.

    The catastrophe by armaments, launchers,
    Guns, its competition: the destruction and violence.
    It is like the malign Mephistophelean monstrosity
    That is devastating structures, perpetrating genocide,
    The unwanted sufferings to all beings
    With inhuman human casualties_
    The loss of innocent lives,
    The ancient heritages shattered with no reasons.
    Arming arms against the armed
    Cannot be fought for harmony
    And cannot be achieved peace.

    Politics turned to be like the milk-pot
    For the shameless few some:
    The unethical apolitical dotty demagogues_
    Wasp-like, they linger around in the hive
    As if it is their dowry by the state,
    Where toadyism and nepotism,
    Favouritism and monopoly have thrived
    Side by side, and the handful of crooks
    Ambushed the dynamics of political power,
    Abused it for their sake,
    Posed autocracy, anarchy
    Corruption, fake news and fake statesmen,
    All these heinous hazards playing
    Its parody in the political arena
    And, those so-called top brass, con artist_ often vile
    Like plague has massacred all public interests.
    Unless politics does not dare to serve
    For its countrymen’s sake,
    It remains like briefs of the few pigs,
    And the public do not bear
    The Machiavellian swine fevers in a country anymore.


    The hegemonic ‘I’ that coins
    The two extremes of division:
    The so-called powerful, and the weak,
    The rich and the poor,
    The back and the white
    The Eastern and the Western
    The High and the low_ the rascal, rogue ideology
    And the niggling hard-core religious fanaticism
    Destroying the gene of mankind
    And the normative norms of humanity
    Like the destructive force of weathering or
    Nahar or Hakaishin,
    Where love gets hurt,
    A heart gets pain,
    Sentiment gets wounded,
    A body gets infested with animosity.
    The human hearts cannot get the charm of the smile,
    Unless that does not feel ‘We’ and
    Speak it in public against the ‘I’.

    Copyright @ Kr. Chamling
    05. 03. 2018
    Mail: [email protected]

  8. As long as these racist fucks and coward pimple face punks have the guns that kill innocent kids, I'll never relinquish my firearms. Gone are the days where talking about gun control was actually a viable option. Now that the baby racist terrorists have access to guns, we need more. Sad part is if someone other than the coward shooter was armed, this wouldn't of happened.

  9. And yet again another shooting at a school. Why are you Americans so fucking stupid as to let civilians have weapons. No fucking sympathy for you fucking gun toting fucking idiots.

  10. What a sick thing to do in schools,hang him that is all about drugs and hatred,is about hatred, God bless the victims and bless the President and the family.

  11. Wow I’m moving to Florida soon and I’m watching this and I’m like why are we moving there

  12. I’m paying for every one of the students that are injured and hurt and everyone is OK but if you were in that situation just go out and exit a window if you can with your roof then go

  13. Its the news fault for glorifying this type of actions. They sit and reply this like they are glorifying it and trying to fuel a fire. Enough is enough with this crap media promotion

  14. Do you people know how violent these video games are? The music they listen to? Kids these days are literally overexposed. Let’s not forget these things either. Idiots owning guns and not keeping them locked away. It’s not about the gun it’s about the responsibility of a lot of gun owners. At the end of the day, for things to get better we have to first work on what’s in our hearts and homes. It always starts with you. Pay closer attention to your KIDS!

  15. I don't buy it the sheriff's just said one dead this is falts bullshit this kid got paid to say this he is full of shit.we will see the same people as the other shootings its bullshit they wont get gun control never never will they or cen they tell a man he cant have guns and cant stop a man from buying guns the main is not a person in definition black book law person is a fictional entity's its the birth certificate name its not a human being.

  16. Same story .. Same stupidity. Same Bullshit. every FAKE event is the same. America is run by people taking the rest for idiots. How can you allow this to happen. This is unreal and unbelievable which it is, because it's crap. Do not look at tv news switch it off and be happier. Nothing bad will happen because this does not happen. Get your lives back… Find these actors and expose them… MICHAEL = 33 for you know who.. FUCK RIGHT OFF.. BRAD GARRET bet his dad's name was PAT… you thick cunts.l

  17. I bet the white boy/s who do these types of school shootings aren't called ANIMALS, by the lowest bigoted animal in the WH.?!!!

  18. It's the drugs flouride in are city water. It was used for rat poison back in the 60s. Prozak is flouride. They have radio frequency towers just like cell towers but shorter it's called mind control it's screwing our kids heads up. Making them kids to do things they normally would not due.


    I see the underlying political plot stemming from these multiple rash of school shootings that have been occurring in recent years.

    The game plan is to get citizens to complain about the school shootings to call into question the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

    Notice that majority of school shootings are done by young students who are affiliated with racist upbringing or organizations…….

    If outpouring of this crisis generates enough publicity and attention to where congress is compelled to get involved then the 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution will be reevaluated and most likely repealed.

    The inherent danger behind this move is startling. You see, under the Obama administration millions of FEMA coffins and FEMA death concentration camps where built across the country.

    Also, if you remember, Obama, while in office, passed executive order 13603 giving any future president the power to Seize human resources including food, barricading highways, stopping airport traveling, vehicles, boats, yachts and ships, etc.

    The underlying evil behind disarming citizens is so that we become sitting ducks against the government when he decides to invoke martial law and invoke executive order 13603.

    We will be defenseless against a martial law regime designed to kill off majority of American citizens.

    Remember, there are over 800 concentration camps in America fully operational and ready to receive prisoners at a moments notice. Fema coffins will come into play once enough Prisoner's are secured in fema camps and routinely killed by staffs.

    It is extremely dangerous to allow this corrupt government to cause a Constitutional right to bear arms to eventually be repealed because kids are illegally getting access to guns and engaging in school shootings.

    Solution: home and/or tutorial schooling

  20. He "literally" heard shots outside his door, the dead were "literally" right outside his door, those statements must have been specifically thinking about anyone watching who may have thought he only figuratively heard the shots or the bodies were only figuratively a few feet from his door. Why the fuck do kids today use literally so much!!! It's literally ridiculous, not figuratively, but literally RIDICULOUS!!!

  21. in every shooting lately the schools prepare a few weeks ahead of time. why did police take 25 minutes?

  22. Living in my « shithole » country ( Senegal ) is a looooot much cool and friendly than this really real shithole country ! Crazy people 😩

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