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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Disney stated that the poster change is for Brazil only. Apparently, Brazil has a local political reason to remove guns in promotional media. Think it had something to do with gun violence there.

  2. "Han Solo goes nowhere without his heavy-blaster..".. I'll just wait for (Disney + Youtube) to delete this message of truth like the last time.

  3. He's gone from fearfully defending himself from an off-page threat, to getting scolded by his teacher. Well done.

  4. This is what Star Wars fans get for constantly criticizing George Lucas every time he came out with a new Star Wars movie. He sold-out to Disney and now you get politically correct Disney crap. Remember when they took the beer mugs from the Dwarves on the Snow White ride? Yeah, this has been going on for a while. SJWs are winning.

  5. AFter that casino planet scene it doesn't even make sense that the first order are supposed to be space nazis. They don't seem to be socialists at all. What are they even?

  6. A much better way would be to just change the hand to a variation of the finger point Harrison Ford does a few times in the original three films, like when he shuts up C3PO. Gives him the assertive edge and ties into the original Han Solo.

  7. Whoever wrote that article probably used spell check on "images" and it corrected to "imagines"… They obviously didn't reread their article before publishing.

  8. Title should read: "Triggered Insecure YouTuber Makes Clickbait Trash Video About Subject He Did No Research For Because Clickbait Garbage Makes Money"

  9. This is pathetic. His blaster is the equivalent to Indiana Jones' hat. What kind of world are we living in that we have to change all art and entertainment to appease the latest offense?

  10. Some sites are claiming that the "no gun" posters were made for Brazil, not the US. I guess we'll see. BTW love your work and your channel Ethan, keep up the good fight against the authoritarian dickbags.

  11. we could have put a Lolly Pop in his Hands and he could say (try it) maybe a push pop or a Ice Cream Cone… "this movie is going to BOMB!"

  12. Here is a fun exercise: Completely ignore the picture with the gun and pretend it never existed, and now look only at the one without the gun and analise it as a standalone piece.

    Solo kinda looks like a gay guy with mental health problems trying to gaze at someone in a sexy way and failing miserably.

  13. Will the future Star Wars movies not have guns? More people die from knives than guns, so should light sabers also be gone from the movies?

  14. Lol this is why I don't support anything made by Disney. Keep eating up the shit yall, and supporting this cancerous abomination that used to be your childhood. Fools.

  15. Disney officially licensed Mickey Mouse to the Communist Government of China to promote Communism. No this is not a joke. That's true. Look it up.

  16. The last thing the approved narrative needs is the message of how your independence and freedoms come from the barrel of a gun. Making this at all is a mistake. What can possibly be left of Han and will be allowed in a movie that is approved of by the mainstream these days? The scene where he seduced Leia is practically rape by 21st century standards. The same goes for almost every other personality trait Han has. The reasons people like Han are basically a never-ending list of behaviors the current moral authoritarians define as problematic.

  17. 3-27-18

    So this is the latest from Disney's Marx Wars…. Are they going to arm their characters, with cans of mace now?? Might be useless against helmeted foes though…

  18. EXACTLY! YOU GOT IT! The Stormtroopers are Nazis. Who is he shooting? Nazis! Who is offended by this??? NAZIS! THE SJW ARE NAZIS!!!!!

  19. I remember that bit where Lucas edited the movie so Greedo called the police first instead of Han calling the police first. Somewhere Lucas just lost the plot and forgot that Han's intolerance for abusive language in the workplace (seedy bars are part of your workplace, as a smuggler) was an integral part of his character. Disney knows that some edits just have to be made to stay on the right side of history.

  20. But we need the blaster to put Star Wars out of its “SJW” bullshit!! We need to end its life quickly, and NOW!!


  21. You really need to take your own advice and just don't watch the movies, if they upset your delicate stomach so. Removing the blaster from the posters will not affect the film. It's a good way to respect the people involved in the Parkland shooting and the March For Our Lives movement. Oh wait. Respect is too SJW for you guys, right?

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