Solo A Star Wars Story Big Surprise For Hardcore Fans & More! (Star Wars News)

Solo A Star Wars Story is now one week from its release and today we go over some star wars news that has to do with the film after looking at many solo a star wars story reactions and solo a star wars story reviews! We have also heard that this movie will have a big connection to the prequel trilogy! and supposedly a prequel trilogy cameo! maybe its a solo a star wars story darth maul scene or even a solo a star wars story yoda scene for that matter!. Ron Howard actually put in a big surprise for hardcore fans and i am really wondering what that could be!.



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  2. Maybe Ill give it a chance because with Ron Howard filming this I know he will MAN HANDLE the movie in an appropriate way.Im dusting off my star wars playset in anticipation

  3. Hearing that Alden is great, or it’s Landos movie, or Chewie, shows me that Ron Howard delivered

    I really dig the reviews saying "Finally something different after 9 SW films". No Death Star, no Daddy Issues, no saving the Galaxy, no Star Killer Base, no First Order, etc. Just a enjoyable Western Heist intergalactic film set in the Criminal Underworld of SW. Seeing it opening night, great vid Mike!

  5. Ron Howard “I want to put Darth Maul in the Solo movie”
    Kathleen Kennedy “hmmmm, Darth Maul sounds like a female”
    Ron Howard “….yeah…yeah Darth Maul is female”
    Kathleen Kennedy “ok! Go for it!”

  6. Again as i stated in your previous video look at how already movie still hasnt opened to us and already fast leaks of nostalgia and bait to make us pay out they are in full repairs trying to keep this ship afloat its desperate and they have made me waste to much money …time for Darth Kennedy to get a hint and step down….and tbe point of all of this isnt if the movie is good or bad but they made to much money from us just to have them spit on our faces … Tbey need a loud message no more money from me. You give disney your m9ney they will keep going forward with destroying whats left of our beloved saga.

  7. I believe that the lukewarm rotten tomatoes scores are due to the 'Kathleen Kennedy and Ruin Johnson Haters" submitting bogus scores without even seeing the film…my advice to the haters=STOP That! We true Star Wars fans really want Solo to succeed.

  8. It is weird that they would take some legends material and be true to it, and alter other legends material. The ones they alter, in my opinion, has less of an impact than the original legends material. One of the biggest disappointment is the first meeting between Han and Lando. Legends is much more fulfilling. Also there is a deeper reason why Han saves Chewy. As far as Chewy getting physical; Irecall he was in the detention center, right before they froze Han, and then choking out Lando. My guess the people who were "amazed" to see this side of Chewy haven't seen any of the original trilogy.With the exception of his last name; I understand the reasoning why the recruitment scene went the way it did, but again the Legends process of getting into the Imperial Navy is much better. Also time constraints and where they decided to start the movie are factors in why they did what they did to get Han into the Navy.If the end reveal is what I think it is; it is nice, but will they follow-up or not.

  9. maybe its darth maul a person said darth maul was going to appear at the end as a hologram played by ray park and voiced by sam witmer

  10. but if darth maul is at the end that may confuse casual fans that only watches the movies and never saw the clone wars and rebels those casual fans may ask how he is alive if he die in the phantom menace

  11. i consider rogue one solo and the future obi-wan movie canon i don´t consider the sequel trilogy canon

  12. Is Darth Maul, the big reveal is that Darth Maul is Qi´ra´s real boss… But to does who only watched the movies and never watched the TV series, you would not understand how this Sith Assassin went from having been cut in half and falling down a hole to a crime boss…

    Well, I will try to a short resume, but it is a long story.

    Essentially Maul survived and ended up in a Junk world were he used the force to build himself an arachnid like lower body. Then his brother Savage Opress (which if anyone is interested i can tell the story or give you the episodes about him) rescue him and takes him to their mother (spoilers Darth Maul´s mother is the big head honcho of a cult of witches and the last of her kind, another long story) who gives her son new robotic legs as well as restore his sanity. Maul slaughter a village to her Obi Wan, Obi Wan a Asajj Ventress join forces to defeat the brother, but they can´t so they flee. Maul begins to rob credits, spices (the drugs of the SW universe), weapons and ships. He goes to recruit some pirates, obi Wan and Master Galia interfere, however Master Galia gets killed. Maul and Savage are lost in space until they are rescued by a Mandalorian Terrosit group called "Death Watch" (another story to add to the list). Maul manipulates the Death Watch to take control over mayor criminal organisations, such as: The Black Sun, The Pike Sindicate and the big Bosses themselves the Hutt Cartel. With his army of criminals Maul makes a plan to put the leader of Death Watch Pre Vizla as rule of Mandalore (the biggest neutral faction not to mention that under their neutral ways they are a combine forces of 200 planets) by making him and Death Watch look like heroes by fighting Maul´s criminal army. Vizla becomes the new Mandalore, betrays Maul. However Maul and Savage expected this and thus Maul challenges Vizla for control he wins and he now rules Mandalore by using a corrupted Ex- Prime Minister as the face of his rule, as people will rebel if they find out Maul was the new ruler.

    Obi-Wan comes to save the day and his love interest Douches Satine (the previous ruler of Mnadalore) however he fails and Maul kills her in front of Obi Wan. Obi Wan then gets rescue by the Death Watch members that would not accept Maul as leader. In the meantime Darth Sidious himself comes to kill Maul and Savage. He manages to kill Savage and captures Maul. Maul then gets rescue by his criminal army and goes running to his mother, Mother Talzin, however Sidous, Dooku and Grivous go to chase Maul. Maul escapes but only because his mother and his people sacrifice for him. For years maul wondered the galaxy trying to find a way to get revenge on his old master and Obi-Wan, and although his crime army abandoned him, I am pretty sure Maul manages to slowly rebuild his crime army until the Empire fucks him up and this well… In the end he gets killed by Obi Wan, so there you go.

  13. I might be wrong but what I have read Darth maul has a small appearance at the end of the movie! I'm still not going to see it until I hear they left out that SJW bull. I got all hyped up about TLJ and was totally disappointed. Not again!

  14. Yeah, Last Jedi had a big Rotten Tomato score with critics and you know what happened. Don’t rely on critic reviews.

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