Solo A Star Wars Story Funniest Movie Ever! Good Or Bad (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to solo a star wars story / han solo movie directed by Ron Howard. The solo a star wars story new trailer will be dropping this month and it can’t come soon enough! since a couple of days ago we have learned of a couple updates!.


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  1. Redo the The Last Jedi. Change Snoke to Darth Fred G Sanford. The most powerful sith in the universe

    “Now feel the full power of the force …you big dummy!”

  2. A risky move. Jokes are subjective, you either find them funny or not and if there's too much humour then it may be seen as a parody by some. I like risky though so I'll give it a chance.

  3. A Star Wars comedy? You mean…it's another Marvel-Star Wars movie? That worked so well with the Last Jedi, I cannot wait! Maybe they'll have Han Solo milk a Wookie.

    If I want Star Wars comedy I'll watch Robot Chicken.

    Rian Johnson sucks.

  4. the inside joke and humor makes people love the story even more!! my wife (who's not really a SW fan) even said Luke's light saber flip over the shoulder was totally out of place. TLJ could have been a great movie . . . seems like it was highjacked somewhere in the editing room.

  5. They are Marvelizing everything… It's not going to be edgy humour, it's going to be dry cheese. Maybe Iron Man will stop by the Falcon to snark about the tech?

  6. I’m not so sure about all this humor. If it is “arrested development” humor, I love it, but not in Star Wars. I like subtle humor in Star Wars. It should be a small amount of unforced humor when the script, director, and actor can actually deliver it properly. It also needs to be in context for the purpose of balancing out an epic/tense situation in the plot (assuming there is a plot in this movie). I’ve lost faith that Disney Star Wars can handle humor appropriately.

  7. There is nothing wrong with humor as long as it embodies the Star Wars legacy. Frankly, after watching the trailer, I found that the humor was great, but there was much lacking with the character of Han Solo. The facial mannerisms were there, but the one-liners fell flat.

  8. With Han lando chewy and well woody harrelso n aka Beckett it fits having humor. Just not out of place silly, guardians of galaxy does great and I think this film will have that type of feel. I like Thor films but the 3rd one had to much silliness so I just did not care for it that much. Can't wait see solo. Best for me starting with pacific rim 2 , ready player 1, infinity war dead pool 2 and then best for last solo. Best 2 months ever for films in sci fi action history i think. Liked pacific rim loved ready player. Cannot wait till solo, what will make the humor is Aaron does it well bc Donald and woody I know will be good humor. Can't wait

  9. I'm with you Mike…as long as it doesn't interrupt the serious moments, it's acceptable. Han's character is infamous for his great one liners and it worked in The Force Awakens but RUIN Johnson totally botched it in TLJ.

  10. Is it intentional comedy? That's the question that comes to my mind… I mean, are we talking "Plan 9 From Outer Space" but with a bigger budget or what?

  11. The comedy in TFA was the perfect amount. In TLJ though the comedy ruined characters such as Hux and Luke. Too much comedy at the wrong time sucks.

  12. The chimp at the gun thing bugs me other than that I think it's going to be a fine movie they could have thought of something a bit more creative than a chimp with a gun Disney sometimes gets things wrong and this is no exception other than that I expect it to be a fine movie

  13. I didnt like the comedy in the last jedi especially the scene where poe jokes with that imperial officer.. that was weird.. but the character of han solo jokes around in eps 4, 5, 6, so this being the funniest sw movie doesn't surprise me but i hope they don't overdue the jokes

  14. Also, ron howard directing the solo movie, im sure the comedy will be put in just right where the comedy elements belong in the movie.. i think ron howard is going to do an awesome job with this movie.. in fact disney should take away rian Johnsons upcoming trilogy from rian and give it to ron howard because he is one of the legendary directors that can bring back the star wars magic

  15. I don't mind funny moments in Star Wars films, depending on how it's done. The humor in TLJ the humor seemed a little forced ( for lack of a better term ) no pun intended.

  16. Humor is ok with this movie because we all know Han, but it has to be real, it has to blend. I think this movie will be a great movie. Rogue one was fantastic and I think this one will be as well. Disney should stick with the anthology films, I really wish George Lucas had kept Lucas Film and finished the trilogy himself.

  17. There  was this guy at the Target who was going to buy The Last Jedi. I
    yelled at him "No! No! What are you doing?" I said. I grabbed him by
    the shoulders and shook him. “They’ll keep making these awful films. Let the
    past die!”
    I kept shaking him until he dropped the disc. Then he
    overreacted. He died.

  18. The “comedy” on The Last Jedi wasn’t funny….that’s the problem. I believe Han and Lando interactions will have humor…Chewie and Han definitely need some buddy humor/inside jokes…

  19. Who cares. I'm still not watching it. SW is losing it. I've been a fan for years but this movie looks horrible.

  20. disney are ruining the star wars brand – force awakens &last jedi are rubbish and are maybe even worse than the prequels! – and this han solo sounds really dodgy – god help us

  21. I never thought Star Wars was a comedy. It had some comedy with the droids and so forth, but then Binks and more droids came along and we all went off comedy there. I hope that many true Star Wars fans will take this movie for the insult the producers intend it to be.

  22. A few anagrams of ENFYS NEST:

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