Solo A Star Wars Story Huge Cameo Explained By Writers! New Details! (MAJOR SPOILERS)

We will be going over Solo A Star Wars Story Spoilers and what the Kasdans had to say and reveal about the solo a star wars story ending scene which was a big surprise to many! As you know we will be going into major spoilers if you have not seen the film do not watch this video. So with that being said toward the end we have Quira after Dryden Vos and his death scene on board of his yaht! This is when she activates a Hologram of a mystery figure! which turns out to be a hologram of darth maul eventually igniting his inquisitor lightsaber. The Solo Darth Maul Scene! was special because the Solo A Star Wars Story Darth Maul Scene leaves a sequel open and a future appearance on film for the character!. In a recent interview with gamespot, the kasdans had many things to say about Darth Maul in Solo A Star Wars Story!.



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  1. For casual SW fans that don't know about Maul's return in CLONE WARS and REBELS, I harken back to the line Palpatine tells Anakin at the opera in ROTS– "The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural." So Maul's resurrection can make sense to those who don't keep up with the ancillary SW material.

  2. The only thing about Maul being in the Solo movie, is Han can never see him use the force or it would ruin everything. Han doesn't believe in the force, he's never seen it until he meets up with Obi-Wan and Luke.

  3. So, Maul is operating under Palpatine's orders during the events of S:ASWS – Crimson Dawn is a tool of the emperor?

  4. When I first saw the hologram of Maul, I thought it was Sidious, and when I saw his face, I was speechless, what a cool surprise!!!

  5. the should have left the fake han and Lando out and just did a smuggler movie and once again mike your embellishing facts maul does not have an inquisitor light saber its hi saber cane

  6. Who else finds it extremely painful when people say stuff like
    " Does Disney even know the time line "!
    "I guess he put legs on again"

  7. I thought they would've saved Darth Maul for the perpetually discussed Kenobi movie.
    It's all academic while KK continues to ruin every movie with her sjw nonsense. #BoyKKott

  8. i think i consider rebels canon exept when the series acknoweledge the sequel trilogy ezra hearing rey and the other voices of the characters from the sequel trilogy is non canon

  9. Solo part 2 confirmed……the only thing that we know for sure is that we will see darth maul in the feuture…and emilia clark has confirmed that her character will appear in 2 movies…so i cant wait to see darth maul again!!

  10. Maul cannot and will not be a villain to Obi-Wan in the Kenobi movie. Mike, you need to re-watch Rebels. Maul never re-encounter Kenobi even once during the time between III and IV. He didn't even know Kenobi was alive until the whole holocron thing with Ezra. And he only crossed paths with Kenobi after that ONCE… when he fought him and died on Tatooine.

  11. Maul is the crime boss since the clone wars, he is a master of Terras Kassi martial art fighting style, he rule mandalore for a time , Solo connect revenge of the Sith, clone wars and even Rogue One, people this Solo movie is a must see, forget the crappy sequels once for all

  12. Solo is a great Star Wars movie! The Darth Maul cameo definitely worked, and I hope to see more Maul in the anthology movies going forward with him being a major crime boss similar to Jabba the Hutt. Great movie and a must see!

  13. Disney Star Wars lacks writing talent if they're resurrecting dead Episode 1 characters. I get that Rebels brought him back first but I'd prefer to see some new villains. And better movies.

  14. If you guys are boycotting Maul's survival is only because you didn't see Clone Wars and Rebels tv animated series

  15. I'm glad that Sam Witwer found at last his way to the big screen even as the voice of Maul .That cameo has taken me by surprise like so many people.Perfect.

  16. Darth Maul camelo was great, but we gotta keep in mind that the Emperor made him everything that he is. So, since MAUL, came b4 VADER!, its going to be great to see how MAUL, lived, and fought with Jedi"s, btw!, hes going to kill Keira!, he knew she was lying to him.

  17. Spoiler….Did anyone notice the "Decraniated Servant "Easter egg in reference to Dr. Evazan's evil experiments with people kidnapped into slavery?

  18. As a casual fan, this doesn't make any fucking sense. Stupidest idea ever, not every Star Wars fan watches kids cartoons.

  19. I somehow think Maul will tie in with the Obi Wan movie. Only fitting he wants revenge being that Obi Wan sliced his pecker off.

  20. I roll my eyes at the confused fans who haven't seen the Colone Wars series. One guy in the movie theather mouthed "No way" while I simply snorted.

  21. Darth Maul fought was cut in half in Naboo ( but the there also was a fight scene on Tatooine )

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