Solo: A Star Wars Story MASSIVE Cameo EXPLAINED

Solo: A Star Wars Story hit theaters, and the movie itself isn’t the only reason why fans are buzzing…the film features a MAJOR cameo with potentially huge ramifications for the future of the franchise.

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Written by frances

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  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story was fine. Darth Maul's cameo was spoiled in the comment section in one of your recent vlogs.

  2. Nice. I might see it now then since that cameo. Worth my time perhaps. I hope he have more screen time in this movie!

  3. You know, I have a theory that maul didn't die , that obiwan didn't cut open his midsection with that downward strike but instead just destroyed his light saber. Maul then realizing he is beat finally succumbs to exhaustion( Edit, He's exhausted because in the show it showed him wandering the desert searching for Kenobie for at least a day without any sort of provisions and only going on due to his rage and power in the dark side.), but doesn't die. We are still a year or two away from "A New Hope" at that point so maybe the new Kenobie movie will show that he survived and will take place in this time span. Perhaps Kenobie nurses maul back to health and the movie discusses the nature of their relationship and their philosophies on life, the force, and the future. But after being with obiwan for a few months they begin argue about Luke. With both of them believing that he is the chosen one, Maul wants to use Luke to get his revenge on the Emperor while Obiwan wants to wait until the appropriate time as the force wills it. Tension grows and it either gets settled again with something like this, but for good the other time,( but that would be cheap and id hate that) OR Something happens that forces the two of them to put aside their differences to protect Luke and in the process maul becomes convinced that Obiwan is right and that they need to wait. And after the danger passes or is destroyed by both of them Maul then leaves Tatooine and sets out to the unknown regions to meditate on the force and learn while Obiwan remains to watch over Luke by himself once more. Allowing for more stories with the worlds most loved Ex-Sith. Personally i would love it if while in those unknown regions he finds Ezera and Thrawn And it continues from there with maul trying to convince Ezera that he's changed from what he once was and in the end sacrificing himself for Ezera allowing him to become a force ghost and for his story to finally end.

  4. Im not mad on the Darth Maul cameo at the end, i find it to be complete fan service. Many fans went on about Darth Vader being fan service in Rogue One but if you really think about it, Vader was sent to watch over the progress of the Death Star and ensure it's completion, once the Imperials heard about the Rebels trying to get hold of the Death Star plans, its purely obvious that Vader would be dispatched to prevent the plans from falling into the rebel's hands.

    Now with Darth Maul i hav'nt watched Rebels series but ive seen the clip where Maul meets Obi Wan much later on, and i just think it would not work having Maul face Obi Wan again, especially when we all know Obi Wan would still be arnd by the time of ep4, so that idea in itself is sheer "fan service".

    Maul is connected to Black Sun from the comics, okay fair enough but i still feel they need to be very careful playing arnd with this stuff in a Han Solo Anthology of movies, yes Solo would be involved in all that criminal underworld stuff, but he never had any belief or witnessed anything to do with the force, so making Han come across someone like Maul kind of messes with continuity. Now they literally have "Qi'Ra" his old flame serving Maul.

    And i also hated when he literally activated his lightsaber just to show Qi' Ra, soo fan service, it just totally screamed oh look im so badass and i even have my double-bladed lightsaber from Rebels arnt i so cool!

    I may sound bitter here, admitted im just not interested in Rebels and its mainly because of the hokey animation style and i find it so frustrating because the show itself does seem to have some of the best written story-arcs in the starwars franchise (next to the EU). And i dont dislike the character of Darth Maul hes a cool character, amazing feat of skill and discipline in the darkside, i just feel it doesnt fit having him re-introduced in this Solo movie, they should really have done a Darth Maul anthology, delving further into his character and the black sun would have been interesting.

  5. There is no point about saying about any spoilers. I already knew that Ray Parks was seen on the Solo set for a good while now, and in doing so, he would have been seen in Solo.

  6. Concur that TLJ was detrimental.. but with one more slated movie that story will hopefully become more than a regurgitation of Luke's story with a female lead…waited 20 plus, hopefully these anthologies will have a few Easter eggs or clues concerning the present timeline, and maybe in such I can see TLJ and TFA as something a little deeper than what I caught first time around

  7. Ok. So it’s cool that Maul is back, but does that make Rebels uncanon now? Cause when Obi Wan killed him in Tatooine, Luke was a kid. Given that Luke and Han are probably around the same age, this is clearly after Rebels.

    I swwear, Star Wars doesn’t know how to keep continuity.

  8. We technically know that maul is at his lowest point in rebels. The side films can fill up that gap that leads him to going into hiding on malakar the sith home world.

  9. Darth Maul still being alive is the dumbest thing in all of Star Wars. Liked Solo, but this just irritated me (making those terrible cartoon series solidified canon).

  10. Paul Bettany was completely wasted on his gangster character in this movie. I heard a rumor that they're possibly doing a Thrawn movie, he would have been fucking perfect for that role.

  11. But Rebels happens years after the solo movie. So there’s a lot of things that happens between that time.

  12. A "Darth Maul Movie" would actually be pretty cool, IMO. I'd actually PAY to see it in theaters….Even though he would not be as powerful as Rey, but, cool nonetheless.

  13. YAS!!!!!! More Maul! He was cool in Phantom Menace but after the comics and cartoons he slowly became one of my favorite Star Wars characters. If I knew he was in Solo beforehand I would have gotten tickets for day 1. Short of a Count Dooku or Old Republic film nothing could get me more hyped.

  14. Disliked for the spoiler thumbnail… When will you guys stop ruining movies for people who don't see the movie within days. Terrible….

  15. Remember when Star Wars came out in 1977, or Alien in 1979? Before they knew they had a franchise on their hands? Before every subsequent film had to have call-backs and fan service? I miss the days of creativity in Hollywood.

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