Solo a Star Wars Story: Spoiler Free Review

In this video I give my thoughts and review on Solo

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Written by frances

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  1. I thought it was a really awesome movie. It did pay fan service to those who love everything Star Wars like us but my wife who isn't really a big SciFi or Star Wars fan like it too. Its nice that they got back to the plot being a bout the characters like the original trilogy was. I would actually like to see another movie and they could build on what they have from here.

  2. If people want more good Star Wars movies, they should go and see Solo instead of boycotting it. Go and support movies that care about pleasing fans and if you hate Rian Johnson, boycott his next movie, whenever it comes out.

  3. To me, Solo is like a rollercoaster.

    If you watch it from the outside and think about it too hard, it's not that great an experience.

    If you go on it, let the movie immerse you and play along with the twists and turns it gives you, it's an amazing, fun ride.

    There were flaws, yes, there were places where I didn't feel that invested in the story, but I really liked it overall and would rate it about 7.5/10

  4. Wait, wait, wait….so fans who like of TLJ and TFA, are going in the see Solo with low expectations? shouldn't that be a red flag the direction KK is taking star wars with?

  5. I enjoyed the movie , Han and Lando did not feel cannon to me as to how they were written (I thought the actors were fine). Chewy was the best

  6. That was a great review. I haven't seen Solo yet, so I appreciate your very level headed thoughts on the film and how you compared it to the other movies. It was refreshing to get a review that isn't a full-on rant. I am now a subscriber to your channel.

  7. Saw this last night and I loved it.

    One of the best parts of this movie for me was the fan service(as you mentioned), and I was really caught off guard(in a good way) by how many references there were to other sources of canon. Made me smile several times throughout. I really feel Ron Howard took alot of care in making a movie for the fans, and it looks like he actually did his research in Star Wars lore, which, again, really surprised me.

    Will definitely be seeing this one again.

  8. I really liked Solo. It's probably my 2nd favorite Disney Star Wars movie (1st Rogue One) Least TLJ. Solo was fun and it was just a good time

  9. I agree, rogue one, and Solo were good to bad i cant say the same for the other disney disapointments cough cough

  10. It's why I always applaud Thor Skywalker, I know I can get a true opinion on something without something that's fair and seen from both sides. I agree actually 100% with his views on all the Disney era Star Wars films, Rogue One was indeed the best thus far. And..Last Jedi is..well..the worst…of course in my own opinion. I think this movie did a lot of things right, lots of world building and showing us once again the gritty lived in world environments that made the OT so great. The Chewie/Lando/Han relationship was the highlight of the movie, and honestly I feel like they could have cut out a lot of the story of Nest, and the stuff with the crew that he falls in with, and just focused on building up the relationship with those three. I loved how we got to meet Chewie, and how they came to be lumped together. I think the cameo's and Easter Egg's were very cleverly handled. There were plenty but tastefully done. ANd my biggest pleasing factor in the movie… NO FORCE USERS! No Jedi, No Boba Fett, nothing! (okay aside from the end with Maul ridiciously lighting up his saber for NO reason…) I was so thrilled to get to the end of the movie without some jedi, or light saber battle. For that I was freaking elated. What I wanted more of…was more Empire. There was criminally little to show of the actual Empire, or the inner workings of Imperial society. Would have been very nice to see a world newly "acquired" by the Empire and see how life gets on…Likewise I was really hoping for some scenes of inside a Star Destroyer, or someone playing a bigger role in the Imperial navy. The Imperials in this felt very very neutered and generic.  All in all, I liked the movie, really enjoyed it, felt more like an Indiana Jones movies that had a wrapping of star wars laid over it..which..honestly… isn't a horrible thing.  I could have really asked for more, I felt it was indeed lacking in bits, but from The Last Jedi? This is a cinematic masterpiece…

  11. Good review! I'm one of your subscriber followers, and ya, I thought it was a great summer star wars adventure! My theater clapped! It reminded me that your mindset going in greatly affects how much you enjoy it!

  12. I feel like it was pretty good. It had some loose ends. No spoilers but when *** ** appears at the end it felt off and shoehorned in

  13. Went in with very low expectations, and though I still feel Anthony Ingruber should’ve been cast as Han, I was surprisingly very pleased with Alden’s portrayal overall. The movie kept me smiling and thrilled throughout with great Easter eggs 🥚. This was by far a way better movie than TLJ, and was a good old fashion action, and buddy heist film 🍿 🎥

  14. Please make a video about Han fuelling the rebellion to fight back against the imperial army. And shortly after Han dies in episode 7 the fuel for the rebellion runs out. And that the hope to succeed will have to go beyond the fight so to speak. But the cost to fight the battle has taken years of hard fought punches back against the empire to win. Also make a video about episode 4 being a new hope is the uniting of the hope of rebellion in rogue one – leia , Han Solo and his determination in solo , and of course the story of Luke all coming together in episode 4 a new hope. I see allot of great fan service in this movie and adds well to the Star Wars universe!!! I enjoy your videos keep up the good work. Always great editing!

  15. As an Old School Seventies/Eighties Fan (TM), I have HATED the PT and the ST, but I loved both of the animated series, and Rogue One, and Solo. It's strangely appropriate that most fans disdain the animated shows and the two "standalones", while worshipping the Rey films, reminding me that I'm always the odd man out. For me, the rule is, "If everyone hates it, it's probably great."

  16. For better or for worse, Solo was exactly the film it needed to be: a safe, fun movie that doesn't upset or offend a lot people.

  17. Tbh i really loved the film, more than rogue one, I think that it really respected not only what the fans wanted but the characters Lucas created. Howard took an end point and to some degree a starting point (young han, Clone Wars) and made a really great pit stop that explained and fleshed out a lot of han and chewies actions for the rest of the series. Also i loved the part where he became solo. It was tasteful

  18. Thor…. you are one of my favourite reviewers and youtube channels, BUT sometimes, I can't stand how you sound like such a whiny little kid, not getting to play with the toys he loves. I too am a HUGE fan of Star Wars but you have to remember that these are movies, comics, books etc written and produced for entertainment, for sure, but mainly made to MAKE MONEY!!! They are no longer written and produced by the maker of the Star Wars Universe, George Lucas. They are made by a Multi-billion dollar corporation who don't necessarily care that you like every single character and plot point in what they produce, they just want your $10 and for you to have enjoyed the movie experience. No one ever said that they have to have every little thing tied up in a nice little bow, for the story to have a flawless flow or be elegantly written. They have to cater for every age and every type of fan. Which is why you will have characters like L3 being a strong feminist for the little girls, Jar Jar acting like a clown for the young boys, Lando looking all charismatic for the ladies or Qi'ra looking sexy as hell for the blokes. Star Wars is for everyone, not just for the slightly (or highly) obsessed fans to get their fix.

  19. How much this movie dissassembles/fits into the SWEU/Legends backstory of Han Solo?

    Considering that Rogue One could (in many aspects) fit into the SWEU/Legends continuity, I have to wonder.

  20. I liked the movie. Thought the essence of the Han character was captured, but the physical differences were there. Agree that the relationship between Han and Chewbacca was great and a highlight of the movie.

  21. Great evaluation Thor. I completely agree with you. Although, I do have to say that in my honest opinion, Donald Glover did an excellent job at portraying Lando Calrissian. I believe his representation of Lando was right on the money.

    I do pretty much agree as far as everything else. I thought I was the only one having trouble seeing the beginning quarter of the movie. I thought my eyes were starting to get old 🙂 Lol

    As always great review of the movie.

  22. The argument that a prequel will have less tension because we know that the characters will survive and the characters are played by different actors which alienates fans always bothers me a bit beacause when you look at the x-men franchise you can see that this is not the case with their prequels.
    X-men firt class was a spectacular movie despite all these things. They put care and effor into the story and cast the perfect actors. Granted, it is easier for a superhero film because of the fact that the story is already partially there in the comics but I refuse to believe that finding a good story and good actors is so difficult.
    What threw me off from solo was primarily the fact that Alden Ehrenreich, in my poinion, looks nothing like Harrison Ford. He just seems like a young, attractive person they wanted to cast. Whereas Michael Fassbender seemed like a perfect match! James Mcavoy semmed like an odd choice for preofessor X at fist but after seein the trailer, I was 100% on board. I cannot say the same for Solo, where neither Ehrenreich's appearance nor his behaviour in the trailer gave me the impresion of seeing Han Solo. Maybe this is superficial of me to say but to me the casting of Ehrenreich pretty much ensured my disinterest in the movie.

  23. Fan service is great and all but I feel the people making these movies should not just focus on what will please the fans, they should just focus on making a good story.

  24. I think fan service can definitely be a good thing and is important in a way, but there are good and bad ways of doing it. I personally prefer when direct connections are made to other parts of star wars rather than having lots of minor references. That's probably also why I got fed up with all the fan service in the force awakens after a while even though I do want events from the past to tie in to the new movies and have relevance or at least be acknowledged to make the movies feel more like part of that universe. I just don't think small nods and quick references which also serve as comedy are the right way to do that for star wars.

  25. Interesting views.
    I am clearly not in sync with other fans…I loved TLJ & R1 and really didn’t like TFA & Solo.
    But hey, each to their own.
    Thanks for the video

  26. I’m just gonna say that this movie should not be canon. I liked the beginning act and I liked Hans motivations with Keira. It sounded a lot like Anakin and Padme but as soon as we don’t see the character of Han Solo in the empire for those 3 years, it went downhill. And the comedy fell flat.every. Single.time. Chewbacca was awesome but he didn’t really get much spotlight. I didn’t care for any of the characters. Darth Maul cameo was badass. Every big moment we were suppose to feel was a let down. How Han spoke Wookiee, Han meeting Lando, The Kussel run, etc it was all Boring, stale, and the dialogue between characters was awful in some places. It felt like the worse part of the prequels and not the awesome part of the prequels. I liked Alden’s take on how to approach the character but he didn’t really sell it for me. I would have casted someone else.

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