Solo: A Star Wars Story SPOILER Review and ENDING EXPLAINED!

Solo: A Star Wars Story SPOILER Review and ENDING EXPLAINED!

Hey Webheads! In this video I am going to be doing my spoiler movie review and ending explained for Solo: a Star Wars Story. I will be completely spoiling the brand new Han Solo Star Wars story and talking about how the movie ends. Also, I will be talking about Darth Maul within the movie and how they are setting up the Han Solo movie for a sequel. Solo a Star Wars story is a movie that no one really asked for and had a lot of problems during it’s production. A lot of people will definitely be talking about this Han Solo movie and how it will actually suck, but surprisingly it’s a good movie. So, I hope you all enjoy this video and decide to join the Webhead Community today!

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  1. Hey Webheads! Let me know if you guys liked the Han Solo movie! Also, what did you guys think of the ending of the movie? I always want to hear your opinions on this stuff! Thank you all for watching and I'll see you Webheads in my next video!

  2. Would it be too weird to say that the only reason maul appeared is because of the upcoming kenobi movie and maul will be in that more

  3. Solo was fine, it's entertaining but forgettable. Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover were good. I knew about Darth Maul's cameo going in.

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