Solo Director Ron Howard Stops By to Give Star Wars the Arrested Development Treatment

In this installment of The Star Wars Show, Solo: A Star Wars Story Director Ron Howard discusses the upcoming film and narrates a very special Episode IV-inspired Arrested Development, the new animated series Star Wars Resistance is announced, Chewbacca builds a Millennium Falcon (in a paid partnership with LEGO), and more!

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  1. The Star Wars Show Rocks!!!✨✨✨

    (This Is Not A Paid Endorsement )

  2. Kathleen Kennedy is pure evil. Dave Filoni should be running Lucasfilm so we don’t get more feminist SJW Star Wars films

  3. Shows such as this are super important to remind everyone how much imaginative fun the Star Wars universe has always been 😍 so much pointless misdirected anger amongst the internet’s nerd population of late – but the positivity and collective enthusiasm of the fandom has always been the best part of the galaxy far far away to me, and it’s great to see people sharing that here 😌

  4. Do you want to watch lots of advertisements for Star Wars masked as fun youtube videos? this is the channel for you.

  5. All the Star Wars haters need to stop by this comment section (because, sadly, they obviously have no real-world interaction with people), so they can see that there are people outside of their Youtube hate bubble that actually enjoy Star Wars. The haters are, in fact, a tiny, vocal (read: whiny) minority.

  6. On May 25th the theaters are going to full of people who have been saying "I'm done with Star Wars" the last 6 months.

  7. You know what else you're going to fail misread at Ron Howard? Solo. I hope it's good, but I also hope it fails. We need KK and Ruin Roundhead Johnson GONE!

  8. the thing is you dont have to stuff so much into a movie for it to be good. it doesn't have to aim at everyone to entertain everyone

  9. I wasn't so excited to see Solo until I saw this episode. Thank you. Looking forward to it! – Woodro

  10. Why does mouse get to get Al the screen time in the starwars show. Poor chopper he never gets to say high to us anymore

  11. Putting Ron Howard in the driver's seat for this movie was the best decision that could have been made. His sensibilities, combined with Kasdan's storytelling chops should make things shine. Here's hoping….

  12. The Chewie scene was good but you could tell there wasn´t Joonas Suotamo or Peter Mayhew in that suit. They really do bring the character alive

  13. Did not know Ron Howard was the Director of Solo this is a game changer for me he is a real good Director and I wish he would have Directed TLJ.

  14. I’m in two minds about solo..I want it to be succeed because I like Ron Howard he’s a nice guy but I also want it to fail so Kathleen Kennedy gets fired..identity politics and sjw have no place in Star Wars

  15. I don’t know why but I could listen to Ron Howard talk all day. You can feel the passion for his craft. Great episode!

  16. i think ron howard was really a smart choice for this movie.
    he has a long history with lucas, and he directed willow (a very underrated movie in my opinion)
    i don't dislike phil lord and christopher miller, but, i think it was just a bad match.

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