Solo got the Obi-Wan Star Wars Movie KILLED? – Movie News

Hosted By: Brian Gaar and Eric Vespe
Written By: Brian Gaar and Eric Vespe
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen

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Written by frances

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  1. why movies on char that we already know the ending. plus Obi was in episode I, II, III, IV, V, and VI. yeah why make another just on him. get out of the known storyline. these were not the only people alive at the time with the force.

  2. I think it’s good for pausing the spin offs because it would take away resources of time to develop the rest of the saga to exceeding the fans expectations. Like how I’m going to say Han Solos comment saying Great kid don’t get cocky. Now I’m going to say Great Disney thanks for ruining my spin off that nobody asked for it and ruining my Legacy of solo

  3. Why do these guys have their heads up their butts about what the real issues are? They trashed beloved characters and Ray is a Mary Sue.

  4. I haven’t seen solo yet but just because I’m catching up on the canon material but by everything I’ve learned I’ll still like it better than the new trilogy (force awakens/last Jedi) and I’d rather see the obi wan movie than the new movie of the trilogy.

  5. If they're going to make them they need to take more time, make sure they are great and can stand on their own. The rate they're going we'll all be burned out by ep9

  6. All I want out of this franchise is good sci-fi films, and imho we haven't gotten that since the OT ended. The new trilogy has constantly been a major source of disappointment, but at least the prequels gave us good memes. I would like to see Boba Fett and Obi Want solo films as well as a trilogy set in the Old Republic, although they would likely end up in a similar situation to the current trilogy unless some people at Lucasfilms are replaced.

  7. I think an Obi-Wan movie WITH Ewan McGregor would be Disney's best bet going forward with the "A Star Wars Story" movies!

  8. For me episode 9 is the last chance for star wars. TLJ screwed up so many things that they have A LOT to make up for and if they don't I'm done. I really wanted a Ewan McGregor Kenobi movie hopefully it still happens. Also brand fatigue is a thing. Having 3 years between films built excitement and made it an event worth going to. It's ok to take 3-5 years off between movies the fans will still be here if the movies are good.

  9. This makes me sad. I wasn't interested at all in a Han Solo film, but the Obi-Wan film sounded neat.

  10. I love Star Wars but Disney has done a poor job With their part of the story They made Han Solo look like a tool that is why the movie failed. What Disney needs to do is find a nother director and writer because they Too busy with their own agendas To write a good story

  11. Good, maybe they'll actually do some damned RESEARCH into the lore.
    Han Solo got about a dozen names right and NOTHING ELSE. A decent movie, it had nothing to do with Han Solo the character.

    If they kept going with Obi Won with the same writers, they'd probably have him working for the Emperor after the Death Star landed on Selonia for a picnic. -.-

  12. Disney is completely oblivious… Replace Kennedy and Johnson. Get someone that at least apprenticed or was super close to Lucas. This path Disney is walking is seeming more about $$ rather than the Story and characters. Fans are a far far away thought.

  13. Snows how out of touch Lucasfilm are from their fans. A solo movie i couldnt give 2 shits about, but an Obie movie i would have loved to go and see.

  14. Star Wars started to die with episode 7. I liked Rogue One, probably because of nostalgia, but I honestly just liked it. Objectively The Force Awakens was an okay movie, but I didn't care for it after watching it. I went to see Episode 8 because I still had hope, but the multitude of half assed story arcs in that movie just tanked my belief that Disney could do right by Star Wars. I don't have anything against any of the actors, because at the end of the day bad storytelling is just bad storytelling.

  15. They need new management with a fresh start in The Old Republic set thousands of years before the abysmal Last Jedi

  16. They need to ditch Disney ditch the new films and read the books and carry on from there 1~3 I think we're good only for the rumour that jar jar was a sith lord 4 ~ 6 just epic 7 ~8 well pants really they forgot that the original star wars is a drama the books are drama it's about story telling something none of them have done since Disney took over

  17. Little difficult to say this, but I'm okay with the Skywalkers not being the focus anymore, but the Jedi and the Sith must stay. Without those, it's not Star Wars.

  18. No the fan boys and Girls and I use that in a dirogitory way killed the Obi Wan Kenobi movie. The Solo movie is great. They are just made that they can not get their way. Now they screwed us out of more movies

  19. After the episode one, I dont care what they do. The last movies has its problems, but they where all good. You just got to accept that your made up lore is not what disney lore is. It's like watching the second matrix and getting pissed off that it's not the world you envision of.

    Brian, Go see solo. It already flopped, so it won't matter if you go or not. Just go so you don't have to say " I haven't see it" everytime you do a report about it

  20. another problem with ticket sales is
    that it came out only a couple of weeks after Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool2
    when i went to see it, most of the screens were taken up with those two movies

  21. for the butthurt fanboys that said TLJ killed solo,that is not the reason. nobody asked for it, infinity war and deadpool 2 came out the same time which were very anticipated,i liked TLJ but people hated it because their fan theories were not true and the movie was not marketed well. hate my ass all you want but my opinion is that i prefer an unpredictable movie than one with this much fanservice. i want to see a better explanation on why solo flopped other than the last jedi.

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