Star Wars Battlefront 2 ALREADY DEAD? – The Know Game News

It’s not exactly a secret that Battlefront 2 got a cold reception from gamers. But the big question is always… was that enough to put a dent in the game? In this case, it looks like the answer is a resounding YES. So far, anyway.

Written By: Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Mica Burton

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Written by frances

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  1. people looked at mass effect and realized they could not trust the developers
    to continue support its not just the lootbox

  2. This is Disney's fault. They could have consulted just about any gamer and know EA/DICE was the wrong choice. Smh at Disney for shot star wars IP use this far.

  3. Still 900k dumbasses out there…. Miss the days when games were complete with purchase and no pay to get special season passes or extra bs contents

  4. Picked it up after Christmas for half price. Enjoyed the campaign and don't have trouble finding multiplayer matches. The progression system isn't great though.

  5. People were playing until 4 am this is hype to sell more starwars the fan base isn't leaving your crazy and call of duty sucked too

  6. This Game Rocks, all the whinny hatters that love to Troll EA caused this result. Apart from the Loot crate progressive system that was removed. The Gameplay is great and haven't missed a day playing it since its release.
    EA is a business. Like all the main game developers. So in order to maintain multiplayer servers over the next 2 years they just cant rely on the release price game to cover costs.
    Im ok with micro transactions that are for cosmetic preposes such as Skins for Characters in game. That dont force peeps to pay to win. Which is only aceptable for Free Titles such as World of Tanks

  7. In fairness, the only reason why the first game earned so much income, was due to expectations set by the original BF games. which then in a ripple effect damaged sales of this BF2. due to expectations being unmet resulting in an empty and overall incomplete game which felt like a collection of minigames and limited multiplayer, very few were looking forward to the sequel because of it. the advertising behind it was great, don't get me wrong. but some people were either too hurt from the first game to forgive EA for it, or too smart to know that the first game had pretty good advertising too, and look how that turned out. leaving a minority, quite possibly made up of parents wanting to buy an easy gift for their star wars loving kids for Christmas.
    after EA shut down the Uncharted type star wars game, and released BF2, it's a shame that there aren't talks for a termination of contract regarding EA holding the legal license to make sw games

  8. Why you people complain about micro transactions if your actually good it won't make a difference in game, the problem is the lack of content/maps/characters/vehicles etc in the game as well as a lot of the game being on rails

  9. is it worth getting into now? i bought last christmas but i just started playing it?
    if not whats a hot game worth getting into thats not dead/dying?

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