Star Wars Battlefront 2 INVESTIGATED – The Know Game News

The saga of Star Wars: Battlefront II backlash continues, with a reddit AMA that goes about how you’d expect, an investigation into the game’s microtransactions. Honestly, this could make a great crawl.

Written By: Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Mica Burton and Ben Ernst

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Written by frances

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  1. Even if you love a franchise you should be prepared to leave it for good if a company is committed to squeezing you for cash more than creating a good experience for players.
    I loved Pokémon Go, but they reduced the speed you could catch Pokémon at, as well as promising PvP since the beginning and still haven’t released it. When player numbers drop off they release a new generation. They still don’t have PvP when even the Yu-Gi-Oh mobile game and the crappiest of mobile games have PvP modes. But animatic can’t manage it? But they are going to make a Harry Potter version of Pokémon go before they add the central feature of Pokémon?? Namely using your Pokémon to battle another trainer??? It is insane to me that a company would abuse their player base like that.
    The long and the short of it is that if players don’t realize they are being screwed over and COMPLETELY leave a franchise or an entire company, they will never change. Money is the only language they understand.

  2. Loot boxes are gambling, under the age of 18 it is illegal. It is a rip off and manipulative. EA is driven by pure, unrestrained greed. And they will fall because of it.

  3. Mica's comment as to how well the game will sell is kinda …well, it will sell beyond EA's wildest dreams…especially here in the USA. A lot of people will buy the game, make EA's next investor call be filled with wonderment, and when an investor asks "when will Loot Boxes and micro transactions be put back in the game?" EA will answer "as soon as we hang up!" I am not a big gaming fan and I don't play online multiplayer but I would say to all you die-hard gamers out there: read about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus company. While not in the same league, it will tell you about what a boycott can do if you really want change!…OUT

  4. the simple fact is if no one made a big deal about it we know thay would have left nothing change so show thay are trying to see how many thay can get away from. we are not that slow in the head to belive that thay did not know what thay were trying to pull. as far as I'm sure thay are guilty befor the changes

  5. very happy other gamer are not stupid we know that their goal it just to make money an in a trashy way. an thay keep thinking we will not see it. thay are going to kill this great ip an we wont get a good star war BF game. ever. as thay well brend it as a not worth making game tho it has nothing to do with us but us not takeing their bs.

  6. You are correct about everything am sorry but if pandemics Star Wars battlefront and swb3 can do a better game than EAs what dose that tell you about them pandemics one was free all characters all maps all worlds all modes all space battles all factions FREE now why would pandemics Star Wars battlefront 2 do that why because they wanted a amazing game to sell and they did and everyone bought it why because it was FREE in game content yes there was a dlc but that's because the community wanted more and they did they gave us kit fisto assaji ventress and ice planets like Ren varr bespin and yavin temple no one can defend EA Star Wars no one because if you look at pandemics one compared to the EAs one u tell me witch had more witch one listened to the fans il tell you it was pandemic like and share if u agree pandemic star wars battlefront 2 was and is the only 1 EA you will never be them

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