Star Wars! Big Problem For Episode 9 & More! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news involving star wars episode 9 by JJ Abrams, the final film of the star wars sequel trilogy coming after star wars the last jedi by rian johnson. Many fans were not happy with that kathleen kennedy had approved for the last jedi when it came to rian johnson as writer and director, however forbes went over a big problem for episode 9 in 2019, that doesnt have to do with the last jedi backlash and the solo a star wars story box office results.



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  1. Most of us "manbabies' prolly won't reward Lucasfilm by paying to see the end of their junk trilogy in a theater, but will see it for free via torrent dl.

  2. They're just making excuses. You wouldn't hear about an Avengers movie being worried because of Sonic the Hedgehog, or any of the other movies for that matter, were being released near to their release date. They're lowering expectations, so that if or when we see it, we'll be surprised that it was average, rather than bummed it wasn't stellar.

  3. Holy shit mike did you say a new James bond!?!?!? fuck star wars, I'm gonna see that about 5 times

  4. I think its much more likely Episode 9 is going to be a terrible movie given that it has to follow, in some sensible fashion TLJ. Which lets be honest, TLJ is one of the most terrible movies ever made.

  5. The fact that anyone could speculate that a Sonic the Hedgehog movie could be competition for Star Wars says it all.

  6. Okay. I'm gonna say it only once. Star Wars sucks! Yes, you heard me right. My beloved space adventure story from my childhood in the 1970s and 80s has been raped by Disney and the bitch Kathleen Kennedy. I hate Star Wars now and have no interest at all in anything further. That goes for the prequels too. They sucked just as bad. For me the story begins in 1977 with A New Hope and ends six years later in 1983 with Return of the Jedi. That's it! There's no Clone Wars cartoons, No prequels, no Force Awakens, No Last Jedi(thank God)and no episode 9. For me it all ends on Endor with the celebration with the ewoks and Han Solo alive and hugging Leia. ( by the way, Rogue One was okay. I actually consider that Episode One.)

  7. …. Mike …. this is Star Wars …. the final film in the Saga …. No film …NONE …. should be able to rival the hype and demand for this film.

  8. It's gonna be a terrible movie. Luke, dead, Leia, dead, han, dead. I won't watch it, ever. Disney really messed up and nothing will save this shit show.

  9. An even bigger problem is the loss of all original characters except for Chewbacca and possibly the droids who have been overshadowed by BB8.  Chewbacca and the droids have no real role anymore either so I'm sure they will be written off or destroyed in episode 9.

  10. Some of those movies being released at the same time are also a lot of children's films vs adult movies except for Wonder Woman.

  11. keep the sjw crap out of Star Wars just make strong all around characters no matter if they're male or female actually give them meaning give them a story give them a reason for being there.

    don't just rush through it to try to make money before you do that we fans will know and call bullshit on it the moment it's done.

  12. if they are using circle theory it will be a remake of return of the jedi. instead of ewoks it might be those pokomans that chewie ate.

  13. In all honesty and seriousness: After how the sequel-trilogy turned out so far I'm much more looking forward to Frozen 2 than Ep 9…

  14. Past 40 years
    SHIT MAN should we come out the same day as Star Wars.
    After the Last Jedi
    Should we release a Star Wars movie while Family Guy still on TV.

  15. What was the point of this trilogy? The prequels told the story of Anakin's fall to the dark side and the rise of the empire. The original trilogy gave us Luke's growth from a whiny farm boy to a full fledged Jedi Knight, Vader's redemption, and the fall of the empire. How will this trilogy end? Rey defeats Kylo Ren? Who cares, she never loses and is idiotically overpowered. All she has to do is say "the force" and she defeats Kylo Ren or say "lifting rocks" and she can automatically lift tons of boulders despite only knowing about the force for a week. (Plus Daisy Ridley is a TERRIBLE actor) The first orders defeat? So what, we already saw the empire fall so it's a pointless victory. From what we've seen they'll come back with a bigger death star. Why do I care about these characters, they've already killed off Han and Luke and now Carrie Fisher is dead. I'm sick of the "rebels vs empire" storyline. All this trilogy did was steal major storylines from the original trilogy and repackage them with better cgi.

  16. I'll go to the cinema to watch episode 9 ONLY when Disney confirms that Rian Johnson is out of the saga forever.
    No more merchandising with my money!

  17. This is crazy, since when does a Star Wars film have to worry about any other film? Other movies should have to be concerned on releasing their product during a Star Wars release. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. These idiots destroyed this franchise.

  18. It’s sad that they are already starting damage control. This movie is over a year away from releasing and they are justifying its failure. Yes they destroyed this franchise

  19. The first two new Star trek movies were better than their originals, the third took a step back opinion, but that was the dum fast& furious director , and while I didn't like force awakens as much as I did , say , empire strikes back , it was still kickass….last Jedi had sum good moments but was too cheesy, early and often. And obviously a flat out horrible plor on so many levels . Rian Johnson blew a wide open layup, however,,,,,,jj will tip dunk this movie In and it will be a star wars spectacle. I got that feeling. He hates this shit, the way star wars , has been turned into sum bizzaro world shit. He's not gona let it go out like that. For me , Im a jj fan, especially his science fiction and shows like lost, fringe, but he is gona do his thing..the only thing TLJ had rreallygoin for it was decent visual and special effects..jj will deliver an epic movie..I have that feeling. He knows he has to. I was never stoked about jj handing the thing over. I knew who Rian jonson was and liked the movie looper but i saw a couple of his other movies that didn't do much entertainment wide for me. He felt like a reach and a gamble to me, one that cost. I feel like, bcuz of some Disney arrogance , and the prior two quality star wars movies that were made , ther was a comfort blanket placed there that probably shouldn't have been. You don't experiment with this shit. You better believe jj is nervous , but that will drive and focus him . It ain't his first rodeo and he will work long and hard to put the franchise that made him Wana be who he is today , where it belongs..I do worry about
    Mayb a slight delay for it's release , cuz epic movies take time to make especially , but they got the right guy on it. Unrelated , but im also really excited about G.O.T. showrunners stuff they are gonna put together and the potential that content will have..I believe those guys are very capable and will not disappoint.. Solo was pretty awesome In alot of ways I thought , and I feel like it Didn't try to go too big and overshadow the entire franchise ,it had a really pleasant lil brother movie typa feel to it kinda the way rogue did for me as well. The " in the meantime " star wars movies.

  20. Star Wars is the kind of IP that shouldn’t be concerned with what other movies are coming out. It should be the other way around. It seems like they’re planning for mediocrity. Where am I going wrong with this?

  21. The problem is episode 8 didn’t explain anything and the plot overall doesnt make sense. Episode 7 ended with lots of questions and none were explained, not even reys origin or snoke because he got chopped like maul. Now episode 9 is the ending of the skywalker saga and they need to explain a lot of things as well as continue this mess of a story

  22. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, was pretty much a better movie and took box office money from The Last Jedi. I would akin Episode 9 to Justice League box office figures.

  23. Ep.9 Anakin's force ghost returns and enters Darth Vader suit to become physical entity and destroys the new threat from the outer rim and combines the dark and light by being the first Jedi Sith Master Lord of both physical and ghost relm.

  24. Everyone hating on the last Jedi but let's not forget the force awakens set the foundations for the last Jedi. The new trilogy was goin in the wrong direction form day one. Too much boring pointless uninteresting rubbish was put into both films!

  25. boycott 9 and D-SW until KK JJ RJ are all fired, apologies are given, TFA & TLJ are made non canon and rebooted.

  26. Agreed that episode 7 feels the magic. But the magic is already killed in episode 8. Don't know how much dark energy allfather JJ has to conjure to make episode 9 a hit ! 😂

  27. Good to see so much love for the Star Wars franchise recently. The fanbase has become worse than the prequel-era fanbase. It's literally a concoction of salt and toxins.

  28. Wade Heinrich
    If Kathleen Kennedy, and the creative team she made, wouldn’t have screwed the pooch there wouldn’t be any problems. I mean my gosh it’s a Star Wars movie! All the other movies SHOULD be going “holy shit what are we going to do because Episode 9 is Releasing at the same time!?!” WTF!!

  29. The fact that they consider ep IX being threatened by miniscule competitors like that is just hilarious. Star Wars doesn't have competition, it IS the competition. The only reason it will fail is because of its quality.

  30. Mike, the biggest thing to hurt 9 is TLJ!! No one wants to see it. After how the Mouse and LFL treated all the fans, DIE HARD FANS, they can stick it!

  31. Staring the blame game and anit even filming yet. Why not hire a good director from the get go and not spend resources on pre planning iys demise.

  32. Their already making excuses Rian Johnson FD up Episode eight so bad that they have to start the blame game for Nine already a year out!! Remember when other movie studios arranged their releases to avoid Star Wars?!?!? Now it's Star Wars trying to avoid others !!!! This movie is going to bomb so bad and they know it!!

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